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One Day Visiting Car School

2011.11.23 17:56:23 No. 15875

Hyundai Motor Company, starting from the Deabang Branch School of Paltan Elementary School in Hwasung City on the 6th day of June, visited about 50 elementary schools over the country for the month of May to carry out the various programs such as the education of traffic safety, the assembly of dummy toys and the like together with the One Day Visiting Car School which was implementing the One Day Education Program. This event, in which the management and staff of Hyundai Motor Company visited local schools which needed social care and concern from its local businesses, was arranged to give a lasting memory and impression with a practical and constructive education program to about 2,000 elementary school children. Hyundai Motor didnt only draw a big response from students by carrying out education with customized materials in which the manufacturing process of cars and the common sense of traffic safety were presented using a type of animation which was right for the childrens level but also enhanced the concern about vehicles and the knowledge of traffic safety.

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