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Participation in the Blood Donation Drive Continues

2011.11.23 17:44:31 No. 15950


The yearly blood donation drive began at the HMC plants in Jeonju and Asan. The Jeonju plant held the drive on March 17 in conjunction with Red Cross Korea, with the main objective of providing much needed blood in a season when general blood donation rates tend to be low.


Over 130 employees at the Jeonju plant participated eagerly in the campaign. Since 1999, the plant has been holding the blood donation campaign a couple of times each year, drawing 200 ~ 300 employees at a time, up to almost a thousand employees in total in the year. The plant will hold another blood donation drive on the 24th of this month. The Asan plant held the blood donation drive twice last month, working with the Red Cross Volunteer Association organized by the employees of the plant themselves. The collected blood will be used to aid leukemia patients in the local community, including family members of the employees. The Red Cross Volunteer Association at the Asan plant draws about 500 employees each year through its blood donation drives, helping to uphold the socially responsible image of HMC in the region.


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