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Puppet Play to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children

2011.11.15 11:39:10 No. 15837

HMC has adopted a unique approach to the prevention of sexual abuse of children: that is, through a puppet play. On October 12, HMC premiered the special puppet show it had prepared and put together over the last four months since June for ?fty local children, aged between four and seven, on a special stage prepared in Jeonju.


The puppet show illustrated a series of situations in which strangers or dangerous people could possibly present danger for children, and what children and their guardians could do to prevent these situations. A spokesperson who had organized the puppet show since its very inception said: “We hope our effort, small as it is, would help prevent sexual abuse of children in the future.”


HMC plans to support the showing of these shows at least once a month at various institutes and organizations, such as kindergartens, exclusively catering to young children between ages four and seven.

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