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Robocar Poli Website and Applications Launched

2011.11.23 17:52:26 No. 15850

HMC introduced the website ( and mobile applications for Traffic Safety Stories with Robocar Poli for the first time to the greater public on September 20.

The Robocar Poli Traffic Safety website provides free animations on traffic safety, as well as introductions of main characters such as Poli and Amber and other entertainment contents, including flash games. The interface has been designed for easy access and learning by children. The mobile applications, available in two versions for iPhones and iPads, introduce the main characters and support the viewing of past episodes. The mobile games also help children learn about traffic safety in an easy, fun manner. The mobile applications can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s app store.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We hope the launching of the website and mobile applications will help children learn about traffic safety better and more easily.”

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