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Scholarship for 200 Poor Students in Beijing

2011.11.18 11:18:29 No. 15920

On September 29, 2010, HMGC held an event at the Beijing Aviation University to distribute scholarships for students to encourage their patriotism and pursuit of learning. The scholarships will be provided for five years, providing financial aid for the living of about two hundred poor students. The entire amount of money to be provided thus amounts to 3.2 million yuan.

The efforts of HMGC to support college and university students in disaster-affected areas will also begin on the basis of the company’s 100365 Charity Event. The aim of the activity is to provide an opportunity for socially responsible companies in China to come together to offer a public service platform for youth under the slogan of ‘100 Years of Public Service, Every Day of Patriotism.’ As a leading world-class automaker, HMGC led the efforts to form this joint enterprise. The Hyundai of?ce in China will provide about 4,000 yuan every year to help about 100 students enrolled in the 2010 class in China with their living, thereby enabling them to pursue and finish their studies. The company’s activities of relief-aid for college and university students in disasteraffected areas in China will extend the aid to 100 more students enrolled in the 2011 class.

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