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Second Messena Audition for Sharing Happiness

2011.11.23 17:55:37 No. 15869

On June 22, the Second Messena Audition for Sharing Happiness was held at the Ulsan Workers Center, sponsored by the Hyundai Motor Labor Union and managed by the Social Welfare Council of the Metropolitan Area of Ulsan.

The audition, participated by 13 teams of 158 persons in total, featured diverse performances by diverse teams consisting of immigrant women, disabled persons, children, teenagers and seniors, featuring orchestra concerts, dance sports shows, puppet theaters, band performances, choirs, samulnori (traditional Korean agrarian percussion music), and so forth.

Lee Han-seong, one of the referees, said: We dont realize that disabilities of the heart are even more serious than the visible disabilities. What is wrong is not the difference between disabled and non-disabled persons, but the prejudcies we harbor about disabilities. I would like to thank all the teams, as I enjoyed all their performances first as a member of the audience before as a referee. Lee Sun-yeong, another referee, said: I was delighted and excited the entire time, enjoying performances much more than evaluating them.

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