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Second Round of Donating 10,000 Sets of Desks and Chairs

2011.10.21 15:13:07 No. 15961

In June, 2009, Hyundai Motor India (HMI) donated 400 sets of desks and chairs to Suriperumvudoor Public Girls’ Middle School, thereby marking off the first round of HMC’s efforts to donate a total of 10,000 sets of desks and chairs. In 2010, HMI continues to make efforts to provide 10,000 sets of new desks and chairs to the local society. Through these efforts, HMI has helped to improve the educational conditions of the local community. The desk-chair donation program, launched in 2007, involves eco-friendly recycling: that is, it makes desks and chairs by recycling the wooden material used to package completely knockeddown (CKD) auto parts. The plant that produces these desks and chairs is located on the site of the HMI plant. The wooden material used to make these desks and chairs, except the main desk boards, is recycled from the CKD packages. HMI seeks to establish its reputation as a company sensitive to environmental and educational demands of the local society by engaging in this program of donating 10,000 sets of desks and chairs to local schools.

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