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Setting up a Library for Hyundai Family Members

2011.11.23 17:55:13 No. 15873

On the 25th of this month, HMC held a ceremony, attended by a hundred or so employees of the company and local families with disabled members, launching the project for setting up a small library. The project, which will create a reading space within Hanuri Information & Culture Center for access by people with disabilities, will feature square-shaped reading boxes made by volunteers that will form easy-to-use bookshelves. Because the design is easy to install and move around, and requires only the most basic of materials such as wood, paint, and basic tools, it will help create a reading space that is pleasant to all to use. Volunteers who were gathered at the days ceremony delivered sixty boxes they had made, along with the books donated by HMC. HPO, an amateur orchestra comprised of employees of HMC, gave a performance as a token of gratitude for the volunteers deed. A spokesperson for the company said: The days event was also attended by forty or so people with disabilities and their family members, making the occasion an invaluable opportunity for increased exchange between people with disabilities and others. The company will continue to support invaluable volunteer activities of our employees.

In addition, HMC also hosted the kimchi-making event in April, attended by its employees. The company will provide a diverse range of volunteer opportunities for employees and their family members to interact with their local communities.

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