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Sharing Korean Rice Cakes in Celebration of the Lunar New Year’s Day

2011.08.23 13:35:13 No. 15897

HMC declared the period preceding and following the traditional Korean (lunar) New Years Day) as a period for company-wide involvement in volunteering. Accordingly, over 1,300 HMC employees, involved in one or more of the 123 employee-organized volunteer groups at HMC, set out to distribute ddeok (Korean rice cakes) to their neighbors from the end of January until early February. The employees of HMC during this period visited over 140 charity organizations and over 1,000 low-income households across the nation, delivering gifts for the Korean New Years Day and hosting various entertainments and events. HMC has engaged in the same campaign every year since 2003. This year, in particular, the company delivered gift certificates to low-income households that they could use at their local open markets, helping both the individuals and their local economies. Affiliates of HMC also agreed to do their part beginning with this years campaign, and as a result, employess of 322 affiliates of HMC across the 19 regions of South Korea also participated in the rice cake distributing activities. The employees of HMC will continue to do their part in alleviating the poverty and suffering of their local neighbors in all ways they can.

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