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Sharing Leaders, Now Equipped with an Engine of Hope

2011.08.23 13:32:35 No. 15896

On February 23, a ceremony was held at the Seoul Education & Culture Center to celebrate the successful end of the Hope Engine School Volunteers Corps. The days event featured: a report on the past years performance of the organization; various shows and performances; distribution of certificates and awards; and presentations by individual members on their involvement in the organizations activities. The Hope engine School Volunteers Corps, launched by Hyundai Motor Company working with the Korean Social Welfare Council, has organized 140 students in their fifth and sixth grades since last April, with the purpose of cultivating a body of citizenry committed to social welfare and sharing. The members, known as Sharing Leaders, met twice each month to organize volunteer activities and other events designed to increase public participation in sharing. These children regularly visited homes of seniors living by themselves and participated in a wide range of activities for environmental preservation and energy saving. A student representative of these Sharing Leaders said of his experience: At first, I was doubtful we could do anything for people other than ourselves. Getting involved in the corps has taught me that there are considerably more things that I could do for others. It has also helped me overcome prejudices of people with disabilities and elderly people.

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