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Sharing Sonata of Hybrid Cars with Shinsegye

2011.11.23 17:55:53 No. 15871

On June 22, HMC and Shinsegye Group signed an agreement for collaboration(MOU) on achieving environment-friendly management for both groups. As a result, Shinsegye will be replacing 130 of its official vehicles for its E-Mart chain with Hyundais hybrid cars, with 23 being replaced right away. Shinsegye explained that it expects the switch to hybrid cars to help the company save up to 300 million won in fuel cost per year as well as to reduce up to 320 tonnes of carbon dioxides generated per year. The company also plans to replace all its official cars used group-wise with hybrid cars eventually in the future. In an effort to encourage the spread of environment-friendly hybrid cars in Korea, HMC decided to provide special discounts for Shinsegye employees buying Hyundais hybrid cars. In addition, HMC will also provide environment-friendly eco bags from all Shinsegye sales points across the nation for all customers purchasing Hyundais hybrid cars.

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