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Sharp Cup: Drawing Competition for Chinese-Korean Kids on Traf?c Civilization

2011.11.15 18:17:51 No. 15935

In June 2010, Hyundai begins the Sharp Cup Drawing Competition for Chinese-Korean Kids on Traffic Civilization. The event, which will run from June to October, will recruit drawing works from young students under age 15 from various parts of China. The event will consist of: collecting and evaluating the works; publishing the award-winning works; an award ceremony and an exhibition of the awardwinning works; a tour to Korea, and so forth. A total of 50 children will win awards, including 6 grand prizes, 10 ?rst-place prizes, 20 secondplace prizes, and 30 third-place prizes. The six grand-prize winners will be given an opportunity to tour around Korea during a national holiday season, engaging in exchange with Korean students and learning more about Korean culture and traditions.

“Sharp (#)” is the official mascot of HMGC public campaigns and is associated with the company’s active efforts to increase the public awareness of the importance of traf?c safety. A spokesperson for the company said: “The issue of traf?c safety is a worldwide challenge, and it is of paramount importance to protect children from all types of traffic accidents, as they tend to be the most vulnerable. HMGC, one of the top leading brands in the international auto industry, has always been keen on the issue of traffic safety for children and is doing its best to prevent auto accidents and increase the public understanding of the issue.”

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