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Sponsoring “Nanumi” Corporation’s Love Sharing Meal Vehicle, Always together

2015.11.03 11:22:48 No. 15797

Sponsoring “Nanumi” Corporation’s Love Sharing Meal Vehicle, “Always together”

“Having three meals a day” seems something common for an ordinary people. But, there are many people around us who could not even have one meal a day. What would happen if a “meal vehicle” full of warm food appears? Volunteers at Nanumi Corporation and H-Together Sponsored Car have driven along the way to provide a treat of a nice, delicious meal to the seniors and people with disabilities in a village of tiny rooms.

A Meal Vehicle with Perfect Cooking Utensil Drives in with a Warm Heart

Nanmu volunteers all say that meeting H-Together Sponsored Car was such a dreamt fate. It is because for 16 years of public service, they have desired for a perfect “meal vehicle” with well-established cooking utensils. One day, they were selected as the beneficiary for “H-Together Moving Welfare Public Initiative”.

“Before, we just put the already prepared food in each container for serving. So we had to leave the hungry people behind when we ran out of rice or soup. But, now we do not have to worry anymore, and that’s why we are so happy.” Like the Nanumi volunteer’s quote, Hyundai Motor Company’s 1.2 box truck resembles a “perfect kitchen”. It has electricity and the volunteers can make rice and soup. Also, there are gas facilities and fans, which enable them to serve hot rice and soup. When they run out of the foods, they can prepare them onsite.

It is said that there are more people chasing after the Nanumi Meal Vehicle on the national holidays and weekends since the welfare centers and free meal service centers close down. Before, when there was no H-Together Sponsored Car, it was difficult for them to prepare the adequate amount of food. However, they no longer worry about that since they can serve as much as food they want with the car.

“Angel Meal Vehicle” on Its Way to Feel the Happiness of Sharing Food!

“Angel Meal Vehicle is here!” exclaims everyone as H-Together’s sponsored-car arrives at the meal service spot. They are saying that the angel-white vehicle is here with full of food. When the door is opened, the day’s menus of good smell are shown. “I was surprised at first! They cook and boil soup in the car. The taste? What can you expect! It’s warm and tasty enough!” Like a quote from the neighbor, H-Together’s vehicle delivers warmth and efforts of homemade foods.

H-Together knows that one delicious meal can be the fuel for tomorrow; we will continue our efforts of serving meal around Seoul with Nanumi volunteers. If you come across the “Angel Meal Vehicle”, please give us some cheers.

Chief Haeyeon of Nanumi Corporation

Q) To how many people does the meal vehicle serve? What is the big difference when compared to before the H-Together car was sponsored?
A) Chief Kim Hae-yeon :Four times a week, we go out to Seoul’s top five villages of tiny rooms, Seoul Station and Yongsan Station for the service. Every time we go, there will be about 200 to 400 people lined up. We have utilized H- Together Sponsored Car since last May. I think about 1,000 more people come for the service after we started using the car. That is because we are now able to provide enough food with cooking equipment. Also, we get positive comments about how the foods tastes better.

Q) Then, you would have much affection towards H-Together Sponsored Car, right?
A) Chief Kim Hae-yeon : : Chief Kim Hae-yeon

Q) What is your next plan?
A) Chief Kim Hae-yeon : First of all, I want to serve more people free meal. There are many people who are too shy and just look at this car. I want to make a friendlier approach to them. Also, I want to partake in the emergency relief for those who suffer from unexpected crises such as severe draught, floods and other natural disasters. If I continue with this initiative of offering free meals, won’t there be less hungry people out there?

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