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Sponsoring Jindo Senior’s Welfare Center One Stop Complex Service Program

2015.11.03 11:14:57 No. 15798

Hyundai Motor Company’s “H-Together Moving Welfare Public Initiative” Car Sponsoring: Post-Story

- H-together car moves on to help those unprivileged people all over Korea

Do you remember the vehicle delivery scene from “H-Together Moving Welfare Public Initiative” introduced back in January? It was a meaningful time, selecting 27 institutions, which joined Hyundai Motor Company’s initiative for presenting a brighter and healthier life for the underprivileged people, including the seniors, children and teenagers, through sponsoring Hyundai Motor Company’s cars. How well is the H-Together Moving Welfare Public Initiative going after nine months? Today, we would like to show you some of the sponsored cars from H-Together, which are actively engaged in social welfare programs in various spots around the country.

Sponsoring Jindo Senior’s Welfare Center “One- Stop Complex Service” Program

The first case is “Jindo Senior’s Welfare Center” located in Jindo, Jeollanam-do. Our sponsored car at Jindo Senior’s Welfare Center is progressing with various initiatives to promote the quality of life for seniors who have difficulty coming to the plaza or live in remote areas that have poor accessibility. Through Hyundai Motor Company’s “H- Together Car Sponsoring” program, Jindo Senior’s Welfare Center is now able to operate a “one-stop complex service” where it can offer the leisure, health and hygiene services for the people all at once.

Realizing seniors’ welfare in leisure, health and hygiene service around the island villages

The vehicle sponsored for this program is a 1.2 ton box truck from Hyundai Motor Company. The interior of the truck has been renovated to install and equip it with many devices necessary for the moving welfare service; these include a karaoke device, movie screen and movie theater stereo, hair styling devices and body fat scale and air pressure massage device for health service. Hyundai Motor Company’s 1.2 ton box truck has just become a “magic car”.

Just as its name indicates ? “one-stop complex service”, the box truck provides a total welfare solution. For that reason, when H-Together truck enters the village, the place soon gets crowded as if there was a party. The truck makes it possible to check the seniors’ basic strength, help them manage their health with light physical exercise and sometimes change their hairstyle so that they would look good. From time to time, an amusing performance is staged to make the seniors happy. When Jindo Senior’s Welfare Plaza’s laundry car follows along, the truck turns into a moving cleaner.

As the sun sets, there will be a row of chairs in front of the “H- Together Sponsored Car”. That is because a theater that plays classic movie is about to open. As soon as the screen rolls down from the car and the movie starts, the seniors smile with great joy. When popcorn is served, this will be the best theater on earth.

Offering the happiness of a lively life that replaces loneliness

What makes the “H-Together Car Sponsoring” at Jindo Senior Welfare Center more special is that it tries to give “happiness of life” for the seniors who are situated at the dark corners of senior welfare. Would there be something more beautiful than giving back the happiness to the seniors who have been sacrificing their entire life for their families and children? H-Together ’s vehicle will keep running around big and small islands in Jindo to offer “one-stop” solution of happiness to energize the seniors’ lives in those areas.

Social Worker Lee Yong Hyun at Jindo Senior Welfare Plaza

Q) What is the biggest difference the car sponsoring has brought?
A) Social worker Lee Yong-hyeon : Most of all, the big difference I find is that we are now able to offer a diverse range of social welfare service to the seniors. Before, I really hoped to give them as much service as possible, but since it is a rural area, there were many limits as to the infrastructure. I am so glad that we can now offer an integrated service including leisure, health and hygiene services with the presence of Hyundai Motor Company’s car sponsoring. H-Together vehicle is a new focal point in the senior welfare service in Jindo.

Q) I heard there is a special name for the car. What is it?
A) Social worker Lee Yong-hyeon: : We call it a ‘total package’. Like a total package, the car conveys all the important things all at once. Those seniors who were not interested in the public service now greet us when the vehicle arrives. There is a dialect in Jindo, “Good-bon-da”, which means that “this is such a good sight”. When I see the seniors fully satisfied, I touch the vehicle with affection. It’s such a total package and a lucky charm for Jindo.

Q) What kind of things do you want to do with the moving truck?
A) Social worker Lee Yong-hyeon: : So far, with Hyundai Motor Company’s vehicle, we have been to 25 regions, especially the remote areas. I want to extend the service areas to more remote areas, even to our islands. Like how we ended up going to 25 areas, far surpassing our initial goal of 25 areas, I believe that it will not be impossible to offer moving welfare to our islands if we have Hyundai Motor Company’s support. Just recently, “Chodo-myueon” promised that it would establish an administrative line so that a vehicle can drive in. Just wait for us a little more; a total package is on its way to our islands!


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