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Support for Elementary and Middle Schools in Indonesia

2011.10.12 15:28:20 No. 15846

Hyundai Mobil Indonesia provides a variety of CSR programs for the locals, especially focusing on educational development. A good example is Hyundai Mobil Indonesia’s inclusion of a CSR program in the Hyundai Grand Avega Fun Drive press event, held from September 27 through 30.

At the Fun Drive event, Hyundai chose two regions of Indonesia with intersecting roads, having decided to support three schools in working with Jogyakarta found in the two regions. Students at elementary school and middle schools can receive help provided by Hyundai. As part of the support, elementary school saw an addition of a computer, and more construction materials were provided to two other middle schools. Focusing its efforts on education and environment, Hyundai is also providing construction materials for a school in the other region.

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