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Support for the 2011 Youtube Symphony Orchestra

2011.08.23 13:50:26 No. 15891

Many companies nowadays conduct their Messena activities (intended to deepen their involvement in culture and arts) through youtube. Hyundai hosted and sponsored by itself the 2011 Youtube Symphony Orchestra. Youtube picked 97 orchestra members and 4 solists from 33 countries around the world. The 101 members of the orchestra, including students, teachers, amateur and professional musicials alike, practiced together for a week and held their concert at the Sydney Opera House in Australia on March 20. The concert was broadcast live on youtube around the world. Kim Hye-jin, working in charge of Hyundai PR activities and ads at an agency, said of the event: It gave us an opportunity to advertise Hyundais brand and value by hosting an event that everyone around the world could enjoy.

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