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Support of HMA Group and MADD Foundation

2011.08.23 14:37:12 No. 15881

On the 7th of last May, HMA of Hyundai Motor Company supported the event, Walk Like MADD(Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Hyundai Motor Company was the long-term sponsor for the event which was held to enhance the recognition about the drunk driving of young people, the dangers of drunk driving, and the staff of HMA participated in the event of 5km walk together with about 2,000 people. Hyundai Motor donated US 20,000 dollars to MADD for the event and made a presentation on the prevention activities of drunk driving in modern time. In addition, on the 21st of May, HMA supported the dinner event, Defying the Limit. This event was held for the enhancement of the recognition of diabetes and the arrangement of the fund for diabetes. Japa Brooks, director of HMA, addressed the audience of about 600 people. Hyundai Motor has been supporting the organization since 2008, and the logo of Hyundai Motor Company was attached to all the facilities related to the event, website, and T-shirts of participants.

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