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Supporting the Blue September Campaign to Prevent Cancer

2011.10.12 15:27:38 No. 15845

HMCA organized the Blue September Campaign in Sydney on September 9. The campaign involved the delivery of a cheque for 100,000 dollars from HMCA to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and the Australian Intestinal Cancer Center. The Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the Intestinal Cancer Center, and the HMCA dealership network in the country have been sponsoring the Blue September Campaigns for the last three years. A nationwide volunteering program organized every year, the campaign seeks to help the public prevent cancer, by increasing public awareness of cancer affecting men and communicating how healthy lifestyles will help prevent cancer. For the month of September, HMCA also donated 5 dollars for each visit to the Blue September website. In addition, the company distributed 10,000 Blue September wristbands among the audience gathered for the World Cup preliminary match between Quantas Socceroo and Thailand, helping to raise public awareness and fund for the campaign.

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