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Supporting the Local Community: HMC Plant at Ulsan

2011.08.23 10:01:35 No. 15903

The HMC plant at Ulsan is a beloved and admired member of the local community, certainly based on its active participation and involvement in the activities and lives of the locals. It maintains and enhances its status as an automaker in particular by improving the mobility of disabled persons within the local area and engaging in a variety activities promoting the awareness and importance of safe traffic culture. The HMC plant at Ulsan provides a variety of programs for various groups of marginalized, disadvantaged people, such as children of low-income households, seniors, disabled persons, families with immigrant members, veterans, and other local welfare organizations. Last year alone The HMC plant at Ulsan provided about forty programs, 65% of which sought to improve the living standards of various groups of people. A popular local program, Messena Audition gives the local arts and volunteer organizations that support seniors, disabled persons, children of low-income households and immigrant women opportunities to perform in public. Messena activities have traditionally focused on enhancing cultural and artistic activities of the local community; but Messena Audition specializes in supporting artistic and cultural aspirations of these particular groups of people. Six artist groups who have passed the audition practiced for over three months and put up performances for their fellow Ulsan citizens in January.

The HMC plant at Ulsan plans to select and support new artist groups by hosting another Messena audition this year. The chosen teams will be able to continue with their free performances for fellow citizens. The Ulsan plan also plans to discover and support new cultural and artistic programs through a variety of Messena activities. The Ulsan plant seeks to benefit and improve the living standards of lower-income households in the region in other ways also, notably by running the Happy Laundry Service and the Childrens Toys Library designed to help low-income families raise their children. The plant has also recently launched the Labor-Management Joint Committee on Promoting Social Welfare. While the plant has always been active in the local volunteer scene, this is the first time that both the labor union and the management have come together to create a joint committee specifically for that purpose. It represents the plants commitment to upgrading its status as a world-class automaker and fulfill its role as a leading national brand.

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