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Supporting the Seoul Hope Plus Campaign

2011.11.23 17:54:43 No. 15860

Working with the City of Seoul and the Seoul Social Welfare Common Fund, HMC has decided to support the Seoul Hope Plus Campaign intended to increase self-sufficiency of low-income households. The agreement involves HMC providing a total of 500 million won by 2012 for the Seoul Hope Plus Bank Account. The account works in such a way that, whenever each candidate family makes a consistent amount of deposit each month, a private-sector sponsor makes a deposit of the same amount through the City of Seoul and the Common Fund. HMC plans to make a deposit of 300 million won this year, and 200 million won more next year with the Common Fund.

A spokesperson for the company explained: We hope the financial assistance would be used in useful ways to help support low-income families. Since the resolution of the participating families to escape poverty is key to the success of this project, HMC will fulfill its role as a sincere helper and companion for those families seeking to better lives.

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