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Supporting Yanji Technical Training Center

2011.11.23 17:46:20 No. 15933

HMGC is running and supporting a technical training center in Yanji, China. Established in 1992, the center provides classes on auto repair and assistance for 40 Chinese people of Korean descent who have graduated or are planning to graduate high school. The center also offers physical endurange training and mental training. The professional workforce cultivated here then enters the Chinese plant of HMGC and other affiliated companies and dealerships, meeting the growing market demand for their service.

31 people graduated in July 2010. With the latest graduation, the center has taught 733 students in total in its entire history, many of whom have gone on to play central roles in HMGC and af?liated companies across China, especially in Shanghai and Beijing. The center will provide enhanced training in mechanical diagnostics and computer technology beginning with the next batch of students, along with programs to help students develop automated office related skills. These and other social commitment programs of HMGC have met with favorable reception within China.

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