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The Third Korea Children Safety Quiz Contest

2011.11.23 17:56:53 No. 15878

Hyundai Motor Company held The Third Korea Children Safety Quiz Contest in Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul in the joint event with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and Safety Life Practice Citizen Front for Childrens Day. This event has been held every year to publicize the importance of safety education for children by making them study childrens safety more easily and interestingly through a quiz contest and arranging various safety experience events. On that day, students who achieved excellent scores were awarded Prize of President of Hyundai Motor Company, Prize of Minister of Public Administration and Security, Prize of President of Life Practice Citizen Front, Prize of Commissioner of Fire Protect Office, Prize of Commissioner of Food & Drug Office, Prize of Commissioner of Meteorology Agency and prizes of 9 other safety-related authorities, together with scholarships and the special privilege of an overseas cultural visit. Hyundai Motor Company Group tries to make various efforts for the proliferation of the traffic safety culture such as the protection campaign of a safe school zone, the support of scholarship for the children of traffic victims and the development of vehicles for the disabled.

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