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The Workshop Scene: 1st Batch of ‘H?Social Creator’

2015.09.08 16:17:24 No. 15799

Have you heard of CSV? Creative Shared Value, or frequently referred to as CSV, is an activity of solving social issues as well as creating shared corporate values. While CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an act of donating a part of corporate profits to society, CSV benefits society by creating both social and economic values. In other words, CSV is a more strategic form of CSR. Hyundai Motor Group has been striving to carry out CSV activities that can allow both the company and the public to grow together. Today, we are going to have a closer look at what happened in the 1st Workshop of ‘H ? Social Creator’, a society-innovating CSV program at Hyundai Motors.

The 1st Workshop of ‘H-Social Creator’ - a Slew of Novel Ideas

On August 21, members of ‘H?Social Creator’, executives and staff members at CSV Management Department of Hyundai Motors, and MYSC lecturers gathered at the sales training seminar room in the Hyundai building, situated in Samsung-dong, Seoul. As it was a month since they met last time on July 17, the members exchanged greetings and created an upbeat mood. Their friendly attitude towards each other got the workshop off to a good start.

The main objective of ‘H?Social Creator’ program is to come up with good CSV ideas proposed by college students. The special project allows Hyundai Motors to obtain novel ideas and feedback on CSR/CSV from the younger generation. Through reviews on resumes and in-depth interviews, Hyundai Motors selected the final 20 members of ‘H ? Social Creator’. The 1st batch will carry out and join in-depth workshops and activities on CSV from July to December.

In the first session of the workshop, teams gave presentations on one subject among five ?aging society, environment, urbanization, low growth, information-oriented society- that were selected in the orientation session and feedback was received from the audience. As it was the very first opportunity for all of them to showcase what they had researched in the last one month, the members looked excited.

Colorful Members, Colorful Ideas

The 1st presenter was Youn Seong-Jun from the 1st Group, ‘Young-Cha, Young-Cha.’ The nervousness on his face faded away as his presentation started. Under the title ‘Is this a Green-Ride?’, Youn introduced what his group had surveyed and researched, showed a video about the contents, and gave a concise summary of the main ideas and received warm applause from the whole crowd.

The next presentation was given by Ji Sang Gu of ‘Be Jewel’, the 3rd group. He began with his stories about part time work experiences and how he got interested in the ‘minimum wage.’ Ji introduced ideas on ‘spaces’ where college students can have a good time at affordable costs at a time when a cup of coffee or a hamburger set is an indicator of the minimum wage. Illustrations drawn by the members and interesting and witty stories made for an engaging session.

The 4th group, led by Kim Tae-Hyung, offered CSV ideas on ‘Welfare for the aged.’ In the era of ‘Homo-Hundred,’ according to Kim, ‘happiness support’ is crucial for seniors. The members visited a community center and interviewed seniors to learn about their daily lives and to come up with solutions for senior issues. The session gave us a good look at the creators’ passion for the project.

‘Design King King’, the 5th Group, presented numerous ideas on ‘Creating an urban area where commuting is great fun.’ Seon Hui-Jong introduced a slew of ideas for solving problems and inconveniences suffered by urban commuters.

As the participants themselves are those who commute every day, they described experiences and came up with new ideas on this in an enthusiastic manner. Our commute time will certainly be a lot happier when those novel ideas become commercialized.

The 2nd group, with the fun name ‘Jugi-Jo’, explained ‘how to create new values from discarded bicycles.’ The solid presentation, given by Lee Hye-Min the Creator, was full of research outcomes, numerous cases and examples, and outlined the feasibility of the ideas.

The presentation session ended well beyond the anticipated schedule. As each team discussed a different topic, every participant was able to engage in the stories of others and learned how the other groups completed their projects and successfully came through many trials and errors. In the feedback session, executives and staff members of Hyundai Motors, the creators and MYSC lecturers raised questions and gave opinions and feedback. It was a fruitful, communication-oriented interactive workshop.

The 2nd Issue: Traffic Safety

A new CSV issue was introduced by Hong Soon-Sang, Deputy Department Head at Hyundai Motors. By highlighting the fact that Korean people put cars ahead of pedestrians, he introduced the second issue: ‘Traffic Safety.” Outlining a variety of corporate social responsibility activities carried out by Hyundai, Hong presented the newest safety campaign of the company as well as guidelines for creating a safer traffic system such as the passenger-safety driving system and enhanced safety programs for vehicles where kids are on board.

“I would like to get ideas and opinions from all of you so that we can set the courses and directions that Hyundai Motors must pursue. Feel free to come up with your ideas. Any opinion is welcome. As it is related to traffic safety, we will give you enough information and feedback on technologies and theories.” When Hong stressed Hyundai’s full support for the project, the members of ‘H-Social Creator’ looked more excited and confident.

Then, what ideas on traffic safety, the next CSV issue, had the members come up wi

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