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Training Young Local Drivers in Hyundai Driving School

2011.10.21 15:11:28 No. 15958

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), as the main organization of HMI in charge of the company’ s local social commitment programs, opened Hyundai Driving School in the local village where the HMI plant is located, to provide driving instruction and training for 100 unemployed villagers. Launched on June 24 last year, Hyundai Driving School is already training the third round of new drivers as of January, 2010. Lately, the students attended a graduation ceremony, which was also attended by Suresh Kumar, Director of the Kanchipuram District Traffic Administration. Graduates have been given certificates and drivers’ licenses. Trainees are required by the Indian Traffic Administration to complete a training program that lasts for a total of forty-eight days, over eight weeks. The program provides not only theoretical backgrounds, but also instructions and practice in driving various automobile systems and repair workshops. The diverse programs in the curriculum, including sign instructions, and yoga, help trainees become skilled and responsible drivers. The school accepts candidates from impoverished households (with an annual income of 20,000 rupees or less) and with high-school diplomas or higher education backgrounds. Trainees were recruited by public announcements displayed in and around the school and other public facilities. Advisor Ganapathy of HMIF said of the program: “HMI was motivated to launch Hyundai Driving School by the need to ensure traffic safety and reduce traffic accidents. The school will provide four semesters a year, each semester accepting and graduating new drivers. It plans to train at least 100 of the local village’s unemployed young men.” HMI seeks to reduce the local unemployment rate and provide traffic safety training through Hyundai Driving School.

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