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UEFA EURO 2012 ‘Be There With Hyundai’ National Team Slogans Revealed

2012.05.07 00:00:00 No. 1232
UEFA EURO 2012 ‘Be There With Hyundai’
National Team Slogans Revealed

  • Winners for tournament’s 16 participating nations picked
  • Slogans will be displayed on official national team buses throughout UEFA EURO 2012 tournament
  • More than 5,000 entries submitted
Hyundai Motor today announced winning slogans picked by fans to adorn the official buses of the 16 national teams participating in the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 soccer tournament, as sponsored by the “Be There With Hyundai” fan contest.
The slogans will be wrapped around team buses for the duration of the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament, which will be held in Poland and Ukraine from June 8 to July 1.
The winning slogans for each of the 16 participating UEFA EURO 2012 nations and their English translations appear in the following table.
UEFA EURO 2012 ‘Be There With Hyundai’ National Team Slogans
Team Original Language English
Croatia Naš ponos je naša snaga! Our pride is our strength!
Czech Republic Vy fandíte, my vít?zíme! You support, we win!
Denmark Vikinger uden frygt! Vikings without fear!
England One Prize, Two Countries, Three Lions! N/A
France Une nouvelle histoire, un nouveau rêve, un même but ! A new story, a new dream, a shared goal!
Germany Von Spiel zu Spiel zum großen Ziel. From game to game to the big aim.
Greece Γεννημ?νοι μαχητ?ς! Born fighters!
Italy Riempiamo l’Europa d’azzurro. Let's turn Europe blue.
The Netherlands Elf leeuwen. Miljoenen fans. Samen zijn we sterk! Eleven lions. Millions of fans. Together we are strong!
Poland Razem niemo?liwe staje si? mo?liwe. Together, impossible becomes possible.
Portugal Aqui batem 10 milhões de corações. Here beat 10 million hearts.
Rep. of Ireland Talk with your feet. Play with your heart. N/A
Russia Играй с душой! Борись до конца! Play with your soul! Fight till the end!
Spain Un motivo para vivir, una razón para soñar. ¡Viva España! A reason to live, a reason to dream. ¡Viva España!
Sweden Var där. Känn det. Fånga drömmen. Be there. Feel it. Catch the dream.
Ukraine Укра?нц? - наш час настав! Ukrainians, it's our time!
In addition to seeing their slogan wrapped around an official national team bus, each of the 16 winners receives two hospitality packages to a quarter-final match in Gdansk, Poland. Packages include flights, hotel accommodations, match tickets, food and tours.
The worldwide “Be There With Hyundai” contest allowed fans of the 16 participating nations to submit slogans that would wrap around the official bus carrying the team from their favorite nation. Fans began submitting slogans in December 2011.
In April, the top three slogans from each country were uploaded onto to allow all fans to vote on the slogans.
The winning slogans were picked from 5,250 entries submitted through as well as other channels, such as Hyundai Poland’s Facebook page.
Hyundai is an official sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament.

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