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2011 Global Blood Donation Drive

2011.08.23 13:46:00 No. 15892

Hyundai Motor Group has declared the two months of March and April as the company-wide 2011 Global Blood Donation Drive. Over 10,000 employees working at five overseas offices, including in India and Turkey, will participate in this years campaign continuing from last year. The campaign will help establish Hyundai Motor Groups worldwide CSR practices. In particular, the blood donation drives will provide employees with opportunities to do something valuable for their communities and society, as the early part of each year tends to see a drastic decline in the amount of blood donated (in Korea). Hyundai Motor Group began host ing the company-wide blood donation campaign since 2004, and it generates much enthusiastic reception among employees. In June, 2007, the company signed an agreement with Red Cross Korea, promising to hold at least one company-wide blood donation drive in conjunction with RCK across Korea, promoting blood donation actively among all the employees.

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