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2011 Hyundai Global Friendship Tour

2011.11.23 17:57:18 No. 15880

Hyundai Motor Company will have the 2011 Hyundai Global friendship Tour` by the end of the year through which it provides 2,000 foreign students studying in Korean universities with the factory visit of its own company and an experience in Korean traditional culture. This event is for foreign students in Korea whose number is increasing every year, and is arranged for them to experience the Korean economy and traditional culture so that they have the right understanding about Korea due to Hyundai Motor Company. After they visited the factory, they went to Oeiam Folk Village located in Asan City which maintains the traditional life style as it was and had opportunities to experience rice cake striking, arrow-cast play, traditional wedding ceremony and other traditional folk culture. Hyundai Motor Company has been providing Chinese students studying in Korean universities with those experience opportunities since 2009, and about 4,000 foreign students had participated in the friendship tour up until last year.

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