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Dedicated to Disrupt - the All-New Hyundai IONIQ Line-Up: Hybrid, Plug-in, Electric

2016.03.09 15:17:00 No. 5856
Dedicated to Disrupt - the All-New Hyundai IONIQ Line-Up: Hybrid, Plug-in, Electric

Dedicated to Disrupt – the All-New Hyundai IONIQ Line-Up: Hybrid – Plug-in – Electric

01 At a Glance: The All-New Hyundai IONIQ line-up
02 Design: Efficiency and technology
03  Powertrains: The power of choice for customers
04  Advanced engineering and technology: Setting the IONIQ line-up apart
05  Driving performance: Low-to-zero emission mobility without compromise
06  Comfort and convenience: Top-class and trend-setting
07  Safety: Innovative active and passive safety features

01 At a Glance – the All-New Hyundai IONIQ line-up
 World’s first vehicle platform with three electrified powertrains, making low- to zero-emission mobility accessible to everyone
 Innovative IONIQ offers customers uncompromised driving experience and design 
 Latest connectivity and active safety features enhance IONIQ’s efficient package
At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai Motor is introducing the All-New Hyundai IONIQ line-up consisting of: IONIQ Hybrid, IONIQ Electric and IONIQ Plug-in. The world’s first model offering three electrified powertrains, IONIQ will make low- to zero-emission mobility accessible to everyone. The new approach of Hyundai Motor delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience through innovative technology and offers customers the latest connectivity and safety technologies.
The All-New Hyundai IONIQ is an important milestone in Hyundai Motor’s sustainability strategy, bringing to life the brand’s new thinking through new innovative technologies and extending the company’s product range to support further organic sales growth in Europe.
Jochen Sengpiehl, Vice President Marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “IONIQ is an important step forward for our brand in Europe. We are bringing a unique new approach to e-mobility, with no compromise on great design, driving pleasure and new connectivity features. And we’re making it accessible to more customers, further extending our product line-up.”
The IONIQ Hybrid and IONIQ Plug-in both feature the new Kappa 1.6 GDI, direct injection petrol, four-cylinder engine with a class-leading thermal efficiency of 40 percent, delivering 105 PS and 147 Nm of torque. The engine has been tailored to the hybrid application and is combined with the direct responding, smooth shifting six-speed double clutch transmission – differentiating the IONIQ from its competitors with a more dynamic driving experience. The mated electric motor enables pure electric driving and delivers instant torque as the chassis with rear multi-link suspension greatly enhancing driving dynamics. 
The IONIQ Hybrid’s electric motor delivers 32 kW (43.5 PS) with maximum torque of 170 Nm, powered by a lithium-ion battery with 1.56 kWh capacity positioned under the rear seats. In combination with the 1.6-GDI engine, IONIQ Hybrid offers a system output of 103.6 kW (141 PS) rpm and up to 265 Nm of torque accelerating to a top speed of up to 185 km/h with targeted CO2 emissions as low as 79 g/km or lower (combined).
Drivers choosing the IONIQ Plug-in can safely rely on over 50 kilometres of estimated pure electric driving range powered by the potent 8.9 kWh lithium-ion  battery. The 45kW (61 PS) electric motor together with the 1.6 GDI four-cylinder Kappa engine offer targeted CO2 emissions as low as 32 g/km.
The IONIQ Electric offers pure e-mobility through a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery for an estimated maximum range of over 250 km. The instantly available maximum torque of 295 Nm is delivered by the electric motor with a maximum output of 88 kW (120 PS) through the single-speed reducer transmission accelerating the car up to 165 km/h. 
The customer experience inside the IONIQ line-up is enhanced through state-of-the art connectivity features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay as well as TomTom live services and wireless charging of your smartphone. Furthermore, the driving experience becomes digital through the 7-inch TFT instrument cluster displaying all key driver information. 
A holistic and innovative safety package including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist System, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Smart Cruise Control ensures high safety levels for drivers and passengers alike.
All versions feature the sleek aerodynamic silhouette with a class-leading Cd value of 0.24 that complements the soft lines and surfaces that trace the All-New IONIQ’s outline. A fluid exterior shape and natural air flow channels emphasize the aerodynamic body lines and volumes. 
Blue accents in the IONIQ Hybrid and IONIQ Plug-in emphasize specific elements on the exterior and in the interior for a seamless design. The IONIQ Electric features exclusive copper coloured accents to create the impression that electricity is flowing through the car’s interior inspired by copper’s property of being a conductor of electricity.
Thomas A. Schmid, Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “With our pioneering ix35 Fuel Cell electric vehicle and several hybrid and plug-in hybrid models sold around the world, Hyundai Motor already has a proven capability in electrified powertrains. Now, with the launch of our first dedicated model, we are taking the lead as the only car manufacturer with hybrid, electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles in production.”
02 Design: efficiency and technology 
Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ line-up calls upon two key influences – efficiency and technology – in its design, which combine to create a unique and future-looking appearance. Throughout the entire development phase engineers and designers worked hand-in-hand to ensure that form and function evolved simultaneously.
These aims are met consistently throughout each of the IONIQ models – the IONIQ Hybrid, the IONIQ Plug-in and the IONIQ Electric. The joined-up development process influences the attractive styling of all versions as form and function combine seamlessly. Distinguished exterior design sets IONIQ apart from its competitors as the styling builds the car’s high-tech features into their design, emphasizing the efficiency of the whole range.
Exterior design
In crafting the exterior appearance of IONIQ, Hyundai Motor’s designers concentrated on the car’s future-orientated character, which is at the heart of its appeal. A fluid exterior shape and natural air flow channels emphasize the aerodynamic body lines and volumes. A sporty, hatchback-like profile sets the IONIQ apart with the car’s distinguished exterior design contributing to its attractive styling.
IONIQ’s sleek exterior shape is inspired by aerodynamic efficiency complementing the soft lines and surfaces that trace the car’s outline. Its exterior panels are designed to flex to boost aerodynamics further, which, when combined with various other smart efficiency solutions, produces class-leading Cd value of just 0.24. 
In addition to the IONIQ’s aerodynamics body shape, further design details distinguish the Hybrid, the Plug-in and the Electric versions from another creating their unique identity. 
The IONIQ Hybrid
The front of the IONIQ Hybrid is characterised by the Bi-xenon headlights that are embraced by the C-shaped LED positioning lamps. Hyundai Motor’s signature hexagonal grille and the vertical C-shaped LED daytime running lights further depict the purity of the car. Contrasting colours at the base of the bumper add an individual character while nine exterior colours are available and can be paired with a choice of two interior options. The colour choices for the exterior of IONIQ Hybrid and Plug-in are Phantom Black, Polar White and Platinum Silver along with Aurora Silver. Also available are Iron Grey, Marina Blue and Phoenix Orange as well as Mist Meadow and Chalky Brown. The interior colour choices are Lava Stone or Afternoon Breeze. The IONIQ Hybrid features specially-designed two-tone 15- or 17-inch wheels.  
The IONIQ Plug-in
Adopting most general exterior design details from the Hybrid, like the hexagonal grille and the vertical C-shaped LED daytime running lights, the IONIQ Plug-in will additionally feature low-beam LED headlamps. Depending on the exterior colour, an elegant blue or silver character line below the front and rear bumpers is a design feature both the IONIQ Hybrid and the IONIQ Plug-in have in common. For exterior colours Marina Blue and Phoenix Orange the accents will be carried out in silver. All other exterior colours feature the blue character line. These accents are also carried on fully through the interior of both models, for example with blue or white piping on the car seats. Naturally, the Plug-in, has an additional cap for the charging socket at the left front fender for charging the lithium-ion battery that together with the 1.6 GDI engine sets the specially designed 16-inch wheels in motion. 
The IONIQ Electric
What instantly sets the IONIQ Electric apart is its front: without the motor’s need for cooling, the grille gives way to a clean and sleek surface in True Gray or Shine Gray – depending on the chosen exterior colour of the car. The line-up’s all-electric version also features low-beam LED front headlamps and rear combinations lamps with a unique pattern imparting a distinct identity to the car when looked at from behind. The electric character of the car’s design is underscored by the copper coloured character line below the rear bumper and below the front bumper, alluding to the property of copper as an excellent electric conductor. When Marina Blue, Phoenix Orange or Blazing Yellow is chosen as an exterior colour, these accents will be carried out in silver. Blazing Yellow is a colour option exclusively available for the IONIQ Electric, whereas Iron Gray, Mist Meadow and Chalky Brown can only be selected for the Hybrid and the Plug-in. 
Interior design
Just as with the car’s exterior design, the interior of the IONIQ captures the model’s futuristic perspective. A ‘Purified High-Tech’ concept was established, which then evolved into the refined interior of the IONIQ.
A recurring smooth, elegant and clutter-free theme meets a warm feeling inside the IONIQ as efficient use of interior space complements a logical, structured approach applied to the layout of controls. Materials for the interior were chosen in an ecologically sensitive way and are used to create a simple and clean look throughout the car, giving the inside space a sleek, light and purified feel.
Exclusive blue colour code 
The blue character line exclusively available for the IONIQ Hybrid and the IONIQ Pl

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