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Experiencing Hyundai Motors’ Traffic Safety Experience Center for You

2016.07.08 15:20:34 No. 15792

Experiencing Hyundai Motors’ Traffic Safety Experience Center for You

Hyundai Motors and Robocar Poli are Visiting You!

The importance of children’s safety cannotbe overestimated. To avoid dangerous situations that can occur in everyday life, good ‘safety education’ is a must. This is why Hyundai Motors is offering a variety of ‘traffic safety’ projects. A society where children, our next generation, can be safely protected is what we can call a healthy and happy world.

So far, Hyundai Motor Company has been providing the ‘Traffic Safety Education Program with Robocar Poli’ since 2013 and ‘Robocar Poli Children’s Traffic Park’ since 2014. Robocar Poli is a famous cartoon character. In the past 4 years, as many as 90,000 kids have benefitted from safety education through various programs of Hyundai Motors. This year, the program even got upgraded, featuring the ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center for You’ where, for free of charge, children and parents can learn about preventative measures against car accidents and how to deal with safety accidents.

Hyundai Motors’ ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center for You’

May 27, at Seoul Station, busy travelers slowed their pace and stopped at one point. There, Robocar Poli and Amber were welcoming people. This is where the ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center for You’ displayed its various programs. With so much attention and passion, it seemed that this year’s event is going to be very successful.

With a clear declaration, the opening ceremony for ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center for You’ began. A number of important figures related to the event attended, including Kim Tae-Eon, an executive at Hyundai Motors, Lee Jeong-Sul, secretary general at Citizen&#39s Coalition for Safety, and Min Young-Hoon, director at Roi Visual. “Shall we count from 1 to 3 and call Poli?” said a presenter. Everyone called out for Robocar Poli and the tape was cut, which signified the beginning of the event.

The ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center for You’ offers 6 programs including ‘Safety of Pedestrian/Cyclist’, ‘Being Safe Getting On & Off Vehicles/at Blind spots’, ‘Fire drill’, ‘CPR’, ‘Police experience’, and ‘Virtual experience of Getting Drunk’. All of them will be helpful for not only kids but also adults to prevent safety accidents in daily life. Now let’s take a closer look at these programs.

Learning about Safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists - Easy and Fun!

The first venue of r the program is ‘‘Safety Experience Zone for Pedestrian/Cyclist’, where you can learn how to safely walk and ride a bicycle across a crosswalk. The major cause of traffic accidents among children is the tendency to run across crosswalks while only looking at the traffic lights without considering other objects. By following the simple rule ‘Stop, See, Walk across’, car accidents rates among kids can drop dramatically. Children practiced how to walk across the crosswalk under the guide of CCS(Citizen&#39s Coalition for Safety). As kids practiced repeatedly in an environment where the signal light and crosswalk look exactly the same as in real-life, they now will be able to abide by the ‘3 safety rules’ in their daily life.

Now let’s move on to the safety training corner for cyclists. Children love riding a bicycle, and this is why a safety training exercise related to it is so important. Through an ‘Egg drop experiment’ and trying on safety equipment, kids could learn about the importance of wearing helmets and safety gear. For girls who like to wear princess dresses, it is very important to be careful especially when riding a bike, as the hem can get caught in the wheel. ‘Will you ride a bike more safely from today?” “Yes! I will let my friends know about this, too!” Wow, it’s very sweet of them!

Learning How to be Safe Getting On & Off Vehicles/at Blind spots’ - Acquiring Safe Habits

Kids are getting on the ‘School B’ one by one, where they learn about some important things such as ‘fastening a seat belt’, and ‘not playing around in the bus.’ As children very often take a bus to day care centers, strict and clear detailed guidelines are needed. As they get training in the cute ‘School Bee’, they are able to focus more on what they are learning and remember it better.

Outside the bus, there was some education given about blind spots. It is crucial to know about ‘vehicle’s blind spots.’ Children tend to think that drivers will see them and stop their car. For kids to easily understand ‘dangerous blind spots’, red stickers were attached around a car. With the help of parents, they learned about the importance of keeping their distance from a car.

Fire Evacuation & CPR Experience - Learning How to deal with Emergency

This is the ‘Virtual Burning Tunnel Experience Zone’. Do you know how to properly evacuate when there is a fire? As smoke from fire naturally moves upward, you need to cover your nose and mouth and lower your posture, quickly getting out. The kids practiced evacuating safely, touching the walls and quickly moving out and away from danger.

This is the ‘CPR Experience Zone’ where kids can learn how to cope with an emergency patient. Some people might think that CPR would be too difficult for kids, but once they correctly learn about it, they can do it well and properly. “CPR is called a miracle of 4 minutes as 4 minutes is a crucial time period in which a life can be saved.” Under the dire

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