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HMCA Sponsors Hopman Cup Tennis Matches

2012.01.16 09:57:31 No. 15821

As part of its efforts to keep true to the central slogan of HMCA’s CSR campaigns—that is, “Moving the world together”—the Australian of?ce of HMCA will sponsor the Hopman Cup Tennis Matches. Alongside the Hyundai ACES Program that is an essential part of the Australian Kids Tennis Foundation, the sponsorship of the tennis game represents a core of HMCA’s evolving CSR programs. The Kids Tennis Foundation helps needy and excluded children to cultivate self-esteem and greater social participation through playing tennis. The Hyundai ACES Programs were all held in success over the last two years. At the official tournament this year, a certain amount of fund will be donated for each serve each player makes. Up to 40,000 Australian dollars raised throughout the Hopman Cup will be donated to the Foundation.

HMCA has been sponsoring the tennis matches since 1988, and has been the Hopman Cup’s title sponsor since 1998.

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