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HMCA Wins the 2011 UNICEF Charity Tournament

2011.12.14 17:38:59 No. 15834

The soccer team at the Australian office of HMCA won the 2011 UNICEF Kick for Kids tournament. Kick for Kids is an annual charity tournament held to raise the large amounts of money UNICEF needs to provide its assistance programs around the world. This year, the tournament helped to raise over US$95,000 for some of the most essential projects of UNICEF.

After beating the Roocrew Qantas, the winner over the last four consecutive years, in the semi nal of the tournament, the HMCA team went  on to face Nine Entertainment at the ?nal who won the game last year. In this thrilling match, the HMCA team achieved victory by 3-2.

Oliver Mann, marketing director of the Australian of?ce, said: “HMCA has inseparable ties to soccer in the country, with both the public and the professionals of soccer. As a company, it participates in innumerable CSR programs. Our victory at the 2011 UNICEF Kick for Kids brought our passion and social dedication up a notch.”

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