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HMGC’s Fourth Dream House China Settles in Yunnan

2011.12.14 16:31:11 No. 15831

The Fourth Dream House Public Event, a CSR program of HMGC in China, opened with an official ceremony at Jincheng Elementary School 2 in Jinning, Yunnan on November 17, drawing wide attention from the local society and government. The day’s event was attended by the civil servants of Jinning, the executives of the Youth Development Fund, the principal of Jincheng Elementary School 2, and representatives of HMGC, as well as eleven volunteers owning the donated vehicles of HMGC.

The company representatives and volunteers brought to the students various books and game sets, including the ropes for rope skipping, shuttles, soccer balls, baseballs, badminton rackets, and so forth. The event not only improved the learning environment at the school, but also provided a better physical environment for students’ learning, entertainment, and living. The executives of the Youth Development Fund present at the event described it: “The living and learning conditions in a mountainous area like this could be quite harsh for students, but HMG  s Dream House Event provided students here with a better environment for their studies, complete with books and other facilities.”

After the event, the company representatives and the principal of the school put up the Dream House sign together on the outer wall of the school. Designed to provide direct poverty relief in various regions of China, the Dream House Project provided donations to four schools in poor regions this year alone, and will go on to support six more such schools in the following year.

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