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Hyundai’s Flagship, The New 2014 Centennial

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February 2013

Hyundai’s Flagship – The New 2014 Centennial

Background – Next Prestige
The current generation Centennial was launched in 2009 as a genuine alternative to the traditional German and Japanese luxury models. As Hyundai’s flagship car, the Centennial has made a remarkable impact in a short space of time, both in the Middle East and across the world.
In 2012 it recorded a huge leap in sales across the GCC and Levant, up 147% per cent. The top two markets in the region were Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which recorded massive 440% and 620% increases respectively as the Centennial’s reputation and popularity spread.
Elsewhere, in the highly competitive US market the Centennial recorded 25% growth last year. Significantly, according to figures released by the highly influential North American automotive industry forecaster, ALG, covering the period from January to February 2013, the Centennial holds its value more strongly after three years of ownership than the BMW 7-Series, the Mercedes Benz S-Class and the Audi A8 – true recognition of the premium quality of Hyundai’s flagship model.
The Centennial has also been decorated with many awards. The model won the J.D. Power and Associates’ APEAL award in 2011, while its 5.0-litre Tau V8 engine was among Ward’s 10 Best Engines for three consecutive years, from 2009 to 2011.  Most recently it won the 2012 Car of the Year award from highly respected Middle East motoring magazine, Sport Auto.
Now, the New 2014 Centennial has been enhanced and refined in line with Hyundai’s brand direction, ‘Modern Premium’, to offer more luxury, comfort and technology than ever before. Added high-class features and design elements ensure owners will be able to fully enjoy the pinnacle of automotive luxury.

New 2014 Centennial in the Middle East
The Middle East is a key market for luxury car makers, especially in the Gulf region where there is a large population of wealthy locals and expats with high incomes and busy lifestyles. It is here that the Centennial has already had a major impact.
The New 2014 Centennial will appeal to busy high-fliers and leaders who are conscious of their social status while still requiring practical space and features. They demand a combination of the latest technology, as befitting their busy working lives, premium levels of comfort, and a stylish interior and exterior design to ensure their car stands out from the crowd.
According to research conducted by Hyundai across several Gulf countries, the typical luxury car buyer will be a local Arab, married, and aged between 30 and 50 years old. When deciding to buy a new car, the top four attributes they look for are quality/durability, reputation, level of specification and engine performance. With the New 2014 Centennial, owners can be certain they will enjoy the highest standards of quality and reliability for which Hyundai is known across the world. They will benefit from the availability of a host of new technologies and features, as well as the introduction of two new advanced engines. And they can be proud to be part of the rapidly growing, yet still select, band of owners of Hyundai’s acclaimed premium models.
The luxury sedan is benchmarked against many of the world’s top models primarily the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8 and Lexus LS 460.
Hyundai has carefully studied the Middle East market to ensure that customers receive unbeatable levels of service throughout the buying and ownership experience.
In line with Hyundai’s ‘Modern Premium’ brand direction, the Korean manufacturer’s regional showrooms boast well-appointed premium lounges. The unified design and implementation of these premium lounges ensures that customers enjoy the highest levels of service even before stepping into the New 2014 Centennial.  Specially trained ‘premium range’ salesmen and saleswomen are on hand to assist customers in the dedicated reception area.
Owners of the New 2014 Centennial will also benefit from Hyundai’s new Premium Assurance Plus Programme. Exclusive to the company’s premium range of cars, the programme offers a comprehensive assurance policy, providing a range of benefits and ease of mind.
The New 2014 Centennial comes with a guaranteed buy-back value, valid if the customer opts to sell their car back to their Hyundai distributor. Providing the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that the new car will not dramatically lose its value, this also helps simplify the process of selling on the car when the customer chooses to.
Another key feature of the new programme is the free maintenance for five years or 100,000km. All models also come with a five-year/unlimited kilometre manufacturer provided warranty. The customer will receive five years, 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown, a five years service courtesy car loan while their vehicle is being repaired, as well as their very own life-time dedicated service advisor.
Subtle yet Stylish Design Upgrades
Building on its current success, the New 2014 Centennial features a number of subtle design upgrades to the exterior and interior, designed to provide a more refined look on the outside, combined with an even more premium feel in the cabin.
The exterior refinements see the front and rear ends adapted to reduce the amount of chrome trim applied, for a more refined finish. Customers can also choose between either vertical or horizontal type frontal grilles. The rear LED lighting clusters have been revised, while there is a choice of new, stylish 18 or 19 inch rims.
With its flowing lines and commanding front end look, the New Centennial 2014 will certainly make a bold statement on the Middle East roads. Befitting a large luxury sedan, its imposing presence is helped by its striking dimensions – the new model is 5,160mm long, 1,890mm wide and 1,495mm high. For 2014, customers can choose from six elegant colours, including a new addition, Cona Black.
The interior is equally modern and stylish, and boasts a significantly redesigned dashboard featuring prominent lines and the highest quality trim, all of which oozes class. All driver controls fall easily to hand, while the introduction of the new Shift by Wire gear lever serves to free up space in the central console.
To emphasise the opulence and contemporary styling of Hyundai’s luxury sedan the dashboard incorporates a new premium clock design, in collaboration with luxury lifestyle design firm, Innes & Lister Inc. Around the cabin, customers can choose from a selection of six real wood and wood grain trims that truly reflect the premium nature of this car.
One final neat design touch sees the introduction of a card-type Smart Key,
Premium Comfort and Convenience
Under the company’s new ‘Modern Premium’ brand direction, Hyundai has produced a luxury sedan to rival the models from the existing manufacturers in this car segment. And the New 2014 Centennial model introduces a number of features that ensure even higher standards of luxury, comfort and convenience than ever before.
As befitting a luxury car of this nature, the passenger experience in the rear has to be of the highest quality, and Hyundai has paid special care and attention with the new model. The rear seats have been redesigned to offer even better ergonomics, with improved lumbar support, side comfort and a softer seat pad, as well as a thicker head rest. The angle of the folding leg support in models with two rear seats has also been adapted for greater comfort.
Customers have the choice of three rear seats, or two rear seats either side of a rear centre console. This new centre console contains a cool box big enough to fit refreshments for the journey, cupholders and an improved Driver Information System (DIS) that places a number of controls at the rear passengers’ fingertips, from changing the temperature to the position of their seat. For an added touch of opulence there are electric curtains for the side windows and rear screen.

Passengers in the rear seats can also enjoy the latest on-board technology, with new dual 9.2inch LCD rear monitor entertainment screens, fitted to the back of the front head rests, now available to keep occupants entertained. Additionally, there are dedicated armrest controls that allow the passengers to manage the multimedia and comfort zone functions. Two rear power outlets are fitted according to model.
Front seat occupants don’t miss out on the refreshed seating designs, with the bolster height being increased by 10mm and the cushion width by 15mm, all of which results in an even more enjoyable on-board experience.
The premium nature of the Centennial’s interior does not end there. Leather upholstery, microfibre suede headliner, a choice of natural wood trims and a leather-wrapped French-stitched instrument panel all showcase the richness of this luxury sedan.
Another key element of the premium experience offered by the New 2014 Centennial is the ride comfort. The suspension has been enhanced to provide the optimum ride for rear seat passengers.  The Amplitude Selective Damper has been tuned, as have the springs, shock absorbers and step bar, all of which ensures less driving shock, better riding comfort and more balance on rough roads.
Centennial boasts a first-rate drive and excellent handling characteristics, achieved courtesy of an electronically-controlled multi-link suspension, with air suspension optionally available.
On the inside, the New 2014 Centennial is also quieter than before. At 60dB, the road noise levels are down on the previous model, and are now better than several of its key competitors. The new model benefits from improved tire wheel rigidity, newly designed wing mirrors for less wind noise, less booming noise from the Lambda engine and improved transmission mounting bracket rigidity, all combining to create a calm and comfortable cabin environment.
The New 2014 Centennial offers a first-class driving experience, with power coming from not one but two of Hyundai’s impressive GDi engines – the first time this flagship sedan has been equipped with the company’s acclaimed GDi engines.
The top of the range engine, which replaces the 4.6-litre V8, is the TAU V8 unit that was named in the prestigious Ward’s Ten Best Engines list for three consecutive years, from 2009 to 2011. This award-winning 5.0-litre GDi unit generates maximum power of 430ps at 6,400 rpm and maximum torque of 495.2Nm at 5,000 rpm. The result is a top speed of 240kph, with 0 to 100 in 5.8 seconds, and braking from 100kph to 0 in 42.7m.
The model is also available with a Lambda V6 3.8-litre GDi engine with maximum power of 334ps at 6,400rpm and maximum torque of 395.2Nm at 5,100rpm. The 3.8 GDi, replaces the less powerful 3.8-litre MPI engine, and can power the New 2014 Centennial to a top speed of 240kph, with acceleration from 0 to 100kph in 6.9 seconds and deceleration from 100kph to 0 in 43.3m.

Both engines, which deliver more torque at lower revs than previously, are coupled to a Hyundai-developed eight-speed automatic transmission with a lock-up torque converter, ensuring a relaxed ride at all times.
To ensure smooth and safe stopping in all conditions, all models come with a Power-assisted Braking System with EBD and VSC as standard. 3.8GDi models are equipped with 18-inch ventilated discs at the front and 17-inch ventilated discs at the rear, while 5.0GDi versions feature 19-inch and 17-inch ventilated discs at the front and rear respectively. An Electronic Parking Brake is also standard.
Useful technologies
The New 2014 Centennial now comes with even more technology and features to give the driver and passenger more comfort, reliability and practicality. Among the cutting-edge technologies that Hyundai has introduced to its flagship model for the first time are a Head-Up Display, Blind Spot Detection system, Shift by Wire, Haptic Steering Wheel and an All Around View Monitor.
The New 2014 Centennial can be specified with a Head-Up Display (HUD), similar to systems used by fighter pilots, which projects speed and navigation information on the windscreen, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and cutting the risk of accidents.
Another safety feature, the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system detects and alerts the driver of any vehicles and other objects that are in their car’s blind spots. A warning is provided by a flashing red light on the driver’s wing mirror.
Making its debut on the New 2014 Centennial, and highlighting the premium nature of the model, is the standard Shift by Wire system, which operates using electrical signals, offering more convenience and reducing the risk of errors. A first for Hyundai, the Haptic Steering Wheel features a control that provides a smart phone touchscreen-style user experience.
Another new addition to Hyundai’s halo model is an All Around View Monitor, which reduces blind spots while parking. This device utilizes small front, side and rear-mounted cameras to project a 360° view of the area surrounding the vehicle onto the driver’s information screen. Parking is further eased by the rear parking assist system and parking guide system that come as standard.
Two types of cruise control are available, with the conventional system fitted as standard. An upgraded smart cruise control can be specified, allowing the driver to set a specific speed, with the system maintaining a desired distance from the vehicle in front, stopping when that vehicle stops and restarting when the other car restarts.
The New 2014 Centennial offers enhanced, top-of-the-range information and entertainment systems. In the front, the centre console incorporates a TFT Cluster with 7 inch screen, or can be specified with a Full TFT LCD Cluster, providing enhanced vehicle information and featuring superior styling, as well as an all-new 9.2inch screen. Information accessed includes climate control, system settings and car settings.
It also incorporates advanced IT technology, which covers the GCC countries and comes in Arabic or English. All New 2014 Centennial models come with AUX, USB and iPod ports, while the audio system can be operated via the steering wheel remote controls. Models with three seats in the rear now offer two power outlets. To complete the premium feel there is a LEXICON audio system, with up to 17 speakers, providing optimal sound in any part of the car.
A key safety feature of the New 2014 Centennial are the nine airbags that come as standard. The front, side, full-length curtain and knee airbags offer maximum protection for all passengers in the event of an impact.

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