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Hyundai Motor Donates 250,000 EUR to Support European Youth

2012.09.14 09:00:00 No. 1359
Hyundai Motor Donates 250,000 EUR to Support European Youth 
  • Spain is first recipient Germany, France, Italy, UK to follow
  • Donation raised through the EURO 2012  'Make a Pledge' event
  • Hyundai continues to expand its social responsibility programs
Sept. 14, 2012 - Hyundai Motor Spain, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, today delivered 50,000 EUR to a non-profit organization to support underprivileged youth in Europe develop leadership skills through football, part of the company’s worldwide efforts to expand its corporate social responsibilities.
The donation, which is part of the 250,000 EUR accumulated through the UEFA EURO 2012™ ‘Make a Pledge’ event that was held between May-June this year, was handed over to Streetfootballworld by one of Team Hyundai’s football ambassadors and captain of the Spanish National Team, Iker Casillas, at the Hotel Puerta De America in Madrid, Spain.
“Hyundai is very pleased to be able to use the accumulated donation contributed by the soccer fans from all over the world for underprivileged youth in Europe,” said Diego Gutierrez-Colomer, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Spain. “As a leading automotive company, Hyundai will continue its push to create more CSR initiatives.” 
Within this year, Hyundai will hand over the remaining 200,000 EUR to Germany, France, Italy and the U.K. (50,000 EUR each) through the NGO, Streetfootballworld. 
The EURO 2012 ‘Make a Pledge’ event was a fundraising campaign held for two months starting May on Hyundai’s official Facebook page, where for each pledge a soccer fan makes to support the Team Hyundai members, Hyundai donated 1 EUR to charity for the purpose of a better future for Europe’s younger generation, the game-changers of tomorrow.
To make a larger contribution to the European economy and automotive industry, Hyundai in April announced a new initiative called ‘Skills for the Future,’ a program providing young people in Europe an opportunity to obtain the skills for the job market of tomorrow.
※ Streetfootballworld is an NGO that operates a wide variety of programs to nurture leadership and hope for underprivileged youth through football. The organization has a presence in 61 countries.

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