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Hyundai Motor Kicks off Education Program in Vietnam for Underprivileged Teenagers

2020.07.23 00:00:00 No. 16497
Hyundai Motor Kicks off Education Program in Vietnam for Underprivileged Teenagers

 Hyundai partners with university and NGOs in Vietnam to run ‘H-Jump School Vietnam’ until 2022 to nurture future talents and solve education inequality

Vietnam university student volunteers will provide tutoring and psycho-emotional support for underprivileged teenagers

 Hyundai will provide scholarships and career mentoring programs to university student volunteers

 Over the past eight years, about 5,400 university students participated in H-Jump School in Korea

SEOUL, July 22, 2020 — Hyundai MotorCompany today signed a four-party memorandum of understanding (MoU) to helpbridge educational inequality across Vietnam. Hyundai – in partnership withnonprofit educational social venture JUMP, Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (VPV)and Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)– will run ‘H-Jump School Vietnam’until 2022. H-Jump School is a volunteer program for university students fundedby Hyundai Motor, which aims to mitigate various social inequalities.


For ‘H-Jump School Vietnam’, the companywill select a total of 150 Vietnamese university student volunteers over thenext three years, divided into three groups. Each volunteer group will providefour hours of customized tutoring and psycho-emotional support forunderprivileged teenagers every week, for approximately ten months. 


The tutoring and psycho-emotional programshave been developed to provide much-needed support for youth who do not haveaccess to adequate education programs in the country. Vietnam is challengedwith growing inequality in education due to a large income gap as well asexponential growth in the private education sector.


University student volunteers taking partin ‘H-Jump School Vietnam’ will receive scholarships and mentoring from careercounselors, which will them grow as professionals.


"Sharing what we’ve learned is one ofthe solutions to address the educational gap in our society and nurture futuretalents,” said Youngtack Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Asia PacificHeadquarters at Hyundai Motor. “We have already made great progress with theH-Jump School program in Korea and we hope to duplicate success in Vietnam,contributing to fostering local talents while promoting educational equalityacross Asia."


Hyundai has been operating the ‘H-JumpSchool’ program in Korea since 2013 to nurture future talents and solveeducation inequality. Over the past eight years, about 5,400 universitystudents participated in the program in Korea, including 1,100 universitystudent volunteers and 4,300 students who received tutoring. 


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