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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant in Turkey Prepares to Boost Economy with New Investment

2013.05.24 23:00:00 No. 1761

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant in Turkey

Prepares to Boost Economy with New Investment
  • Expansion is almost complete after only one year of construction
  • New i10 production will start at end of September
  • More than 2,800 new jobs will be created
  • 180,000 units to be exported by 2015
Istanbul, May 24, 2013
Hyundai Motor Company has nearly completed the major expansion of its Turkey plant, Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS), which will double capacity to more than 200,000 units and feature production of the new i10.
Construction continues at full speed one year after the USD 609 million expansion announcement was made, and the press, body and trim shops will soon be completed. Production of the new i10 has been moved forward to the end of September for the European and Turkish markets.
“The year 2013 is set to mark an important milestone for HAOS” said HAOS President and CEO Won-Shin Chang. “This year we will double our production capacity to more than 200,000 units with an investment that exceeds the total sum of all investments since the opening of the plant. We believe that this expansion will contribute greatly to Turkey’s economy with new jobs and exports.”
New sections have been added to the press and body shops to accommodate the production of the new i10, and the body shop now is fully automated with robots. The trim shop’s production line has been doubled, and a new test line has been established.
Together with Hyundai Motor’s investment, new Korean suppliers have made investments in Turkey, bringing the total number of suppliers to more than 30. Suppliers are also hard at work preparing for the new i10 production. The investment is set to create about 775 new jobs at HAOS and a total of more than 2,800 new jobs, including jobs at suppliers. About 1,000 people were recruited during the past year, and hiring will continue until the end of next year. When completed, total employment at HAOS and its suppliers will reach 6,300.
With production of the new i10 added to ongoing i20 production, which began in 2010, the Hyundai Assan plant will become the small car production base for Europe. The cars will be exported to more than 30 countries, mainly in Europe, with expected annual delivery of more than 160,000 units in 2014 and about 180,000 units by 2015.

About Hyundai Motor
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Co. has grown into the Hyundai Motor Group, with more than two dozen auto-related subsidiaries and affiliates.  Hyundai Motor - which has seven manufacturing bases outside of South Korea including Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Russia, Turkey and the U.S. - sold 4.4 million vehicles globally in 2012. Hyundai Motor, which employs over 90,000 worldwide, offers a full line-up of products including small to large passenger vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles.
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About Hyundai Assan
Turkish customers first met Hyundai in 1990 as Assan M.A.S. became the distributor to the brand. Then Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS) was established to produce vehicles for the Turkish market and the region. The plant in Izmit region started production in 1997 and currently produces the i20 model for domestic and European markets. In 2012, it was decided to double capacity of the plant to over 200,000 units and production of the new i10 to be added in 2013. Hyundai is among the top-selling brands in the Turkish market with more than 46,000 units sold and a 6% market share in 2012. Hyundai offers its unique Five Year Triple Care warranty package with all new cars sold in Turkey, providing customers with a five-year warranty, five years of roadside assistance and five years of vehicle health checks.
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