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Onsite reportage from Hyundai Motors 2017 Looking for Three Leaf Clover Mentoring Camp

2017.08.30 11:52:40 No. 15787

Hyundai Motor embarked the 13th “Looking for Three-Leaf Clover”, which has been launched to bring happiness to the teenagers from the victim families of car accidents. Starting from product offer business entitled as “Meeting Hopes” back in 2005, the company established one on one career mentoring program in 2013, and since helped 14 million young people in achieving healthy growth and seeking dreams. “Looking for Three-Leaf Clover” has been sharing hearts with the teenagers from the car accident victim families and listening to their problems for last 13 years. We are not set to complete this book of beautiful program in 2017.

In “2017 Looking for Three Leaf Clover”, a total of 160 young people, including 80 mentees and 80 mentors, met with each other to go on a special journey. For two nights and three days from July 29 to July 31, they shared special time, getting to know each other in “Looking for Three Leaf Clover Mentoring Camp”. With the opening ceremony, various sessions came in a row for the teens to find their way to career; these sessions include mentoring training and lecture for career search, Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang visit, leisure time, sharing mentor’s experiences and planning mentoring plans. Let us portray more scenes from “2017 Looking for Three Leaf Clover Mentoring Camp”, which was fulfilled with the happy smiles of mentors and mentees.

Passionate Start to Seek for Dreams! <Looking for Three Leaf Clover Mentoring Camp>

On Saturday, July 29, Hyundai Motor Group’s HRD Center in Paju was filled with laughter that blew away the scorching summer heat. The positive energy was from 160 mentors and mentees that partook in the “Looking for Three Leaf Clover Mentoring Camp.” The journey started with the opening ceremony where the participants shared their commitment that they will show their best in the upcoming mentoring event. General Manager Kim Tae-un from CSV Management Team and Chairman Yeom Jin-soo from Better World gave their cheers. The session made everyone to be committed in seeking the dreams.

A special guest visited the mentoring camp. It was actor Shin Seung-hwan, who left strong impression with his appearance in 50 movies and dramas including “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu” and “Gunhamdo”. Actor Shin, who went up on the stage as an invited celebrity, shared his story on how he endured long time, not giving up being an actor. He told the mentors and mentees who have many concerns in career to promote their esteem and confidence and actively communicate with their surroundings and people. Every mentor and mentee gave a big round of applause to Actor Shin who was so passionate in his lecture that he was activing in a mono drama.

A special experience in Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang

When we visited the camp on its second day, the mentors and mentees were about to go on a trip to Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang. Hyundai Motorstudio is a space where you could experience the interesting features about an automotive. When asked to make a pose, expressing their anticipation about the unique experience, the mentors and mentees showed powerful pose. As they spent more time together, they seemed to be much more close to each other.

“Welcome to Hyundai Motorstudio”. The experience began as the people started entering the studio. The mentors and mentees enjoyed time together while experiencing the journey of car production ? steel where they saw the materials in cars, stamping where the steel sheet is pressed hard, welding where the robots are moved about to build the automotive structure, painting for coloring on the car and accessory assembly processing.

The mentors and mentees are watching the scene of a robot coloring the car, assembling the chair and attaching the window in very engaging manner. They even responded by applauding at the explanation that the robot takes care of very hard energy required jobs like moving big and heavy accessories and that the skilled technicians are in charge of delicate work like engine and pipeline related tasks. Some of them took pictures of the unforgettable scenes and even taking notes, indulging themselves into the experience.

The trip continued with a session where the participants listened and witnessed the safety technology in an automotive; they took pictures of airbags, which protect the passengers in hidden spots, and some of them took pictures of themselves with the dummy dolls that are used in the safety experiments. The unique experience they had in the design space where there was a gorgeous kinetic ball that moved in dynamic manner to express Hyundai Motor’s design philosophy and the 4D simulator ride of World Rally Championship racing were said to be the best moments selected by the mentors and mentees. Mentee Park Si-eun said, “It was so fun that the time I spent here went so fast,” when asked how she felt about the 1 hr 30 min long experience. She said she wished to come here again with her mentor.

Getting closer with leisure time

For the second program, the mentors and mentees moved to HMC HRD Center, their base camp. With the leisure specialized MC Yoo Chang-geun, every mentor and mentee spent time together and got close to each other. Eight teams, which were divided with rock, scissors and paper, did a bingo game where the first team that deletes one line from the bingo board filled with Korean singers. Other fun games followed like shuttlecock kicking game, balancing a stick on the hand, throwing the shoe in a pot, popping balloons and tissue blowing in order to fill up the bingo space. All mentors and mentees sweated off to do their best; they got closer to each other as they laughed, applauded and cheered for one another.

Sharing the Genuine Advice from Mentors

“Shall we change the mood? Let us hear some stories from our mentors”. Four mentors came up to the stage to give advice on mentees’ concerns about school and career. This program was prepared in the thought that the mentees need to hear some stories not from an expert from the mentors who have gone through the same thoughts and problems.

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