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Ultima Parada: La Gloria "Last Stop: Glory" Is The Winning Slogan For The Argentinean Hyundai Bus In South Africa During South Africa 2010 World Cup.

2010.05.13 00:00:00 No. 92

“Ultima parada: la Gloria” “Last Stop: Glory” is the winning slogan for the Argentinean Hyundai Bus in South Africa during South Africa 2010 World Cup.

The contest “Mi Frase Hyundai” that awards with a Hyundai I10 to the winner and with his slogan plottered in the Argentinian bus that will carry our National Team during the South Africa World cup 2010 ended up succesfully.

Of the 2 slogans for voting in Hyundai’s site at, FIFA awarded as winner “Ultima Parada: La Gloria” “Last Stop: Glory”, winning over “Subi y soña en celeste y blanco” “Get on and start dreaming in light blue and white”.

“Last Stop: Glory” was sent by Pablo David Lopez of 32 years y pre-selected by Juan Alberto Badia, famous journalist.

The winner said: “I Saw the ad on the internet and clicked something I had never done with banners. When I entered the home page I was really interested and thrilled with the proposal of having my slogan in our national team bus and started to think my slogan right away. I was lucky of having Juan Alberto Badia picking my slogan and then came out successful through AFA’s (Argentina’s Football Association) and FIFA’s filters. I am really happy for the car as price and I feel proud that my slogan will represent, support and motivate the Argentinean players.”

The winner got revealed in an event held by Hyundai for sportive press and counted with Jonas Gutierrez, national team player.

On its only role as automotive sponsor of the FIFA South Africa 2010 world cup, where the brand will provide over 1000 vehicles, Hyundai is running this promotion over the 32 qualified countries. In our country the promotion was held purely online through .

The winning slogan is going to be plottered in the national team bus in Spanish and English. Also there are going to be prizes for the winner, second and third place: A Hyundai i10, a 32’’ Sony LCD with a Sony Playstation 3 and a FIFA game and for the third place a Sony Playstation 3 and FIFA game.


Mi frase Hyundai Quick facts:

  • Contest for every Argentinean citizen of any age all over the country.
  • More than 9400 different slogans.
  • 6 weeks duration. (2 weekly slogans selected)
  • 12 Slogans pre-selected at the end of contest. Of the 12 slogans, final 5 were selected by AFA (Argentina Football Association).
  • Final 2 selected worldwide online voting at FIFA home page.
  • 1 Final winner with his slogan on the Argentina’s National team bus and an i10 as award.

Hyundai Motor Argentina deeply thanks to all contestants and all 6 juries that participated in the promotion!

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