Mobility Innovation

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Mobility Innovation

Happy Dream Car/Bus

To provide mobility to such mobility-challenged people as the elderly and the disabled, Hyundai carries out the Happy Dream Car and Bus project by providing cars to welfare organizations and NGOs in areas where our business is based, including Ulsan, Asan, Jeonju, and Namyang.

In particular, Ulsan Plant has been steadily providing Happy Dream Cars over the past 14 years, bringing the total number to 170 cars as of the end of 2018. The Namyang Technology Research Center has developed an application for welfare organization users to apply for and use Happy Dream Cars. The project does more than providing transportation: it delivers lunch boxes, provides an emergency relief service, takes part in cultural and welfare activities in nearby areas, thereby helping the underprivileged feel less marginalized.

Jeonju Plant has been donating funds for bus rental and traveling on 190 occasions to 131 organizations for four years since 2015. We will continue to impartially select and support various organizations to include all of the underprivileged. By doing so, we will go beyond guaranteeing mobility rights of the less fortunate and contribute to their happy lives and make more efforts to become a reliable means of transportation at all times to our communities.

Easy Move Inc.

Hyundai supports Easy Move Inc. which established in 2010 as a social enterprise. This corporation was funded by Hyundai in order to provide vehicle, mobility and assistance equipment for the disabled and the elderly. Easy Move is using exclusive technology to produce mobility assistance equipment, backed by the support from Hyundai. And it develops such products as electric wheelchairs that provide increased convenience than previous products. Hyundai makes an effort to provide better mobility to our communities who are experiencing transport inconvenience through products of Easy Move.

Cha-Car-Cha-Car Playground

Hyundai opened the Cha-Car-Cha-Car Playground in 2015 and operated it through 2018. The Playground is a car-themed amusement park in Seoul Grand Park that was established to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of our Sonata brand in 2015. The Mini Sonata at the Playground was created using our independent technologies, and is designed in a way that enables even children with visual impairment to enjoy driving. There is also the Giant Sonata, a structure that children enjoy to play on, and such rest areas as the Animal Story Trail.
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