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Hyundai seek to hire individuals with exceptional professional skills, and support them so that they can succeed in meeting their self-development goals.

We cultivate diversity and inclusion in our workplace

The automotive industry is undergoing many profound changes in today’s Industry 4.0 era, in particular the convergence of information and communication technologies and deployment of ecofriendly energy. To respond to today’s and future market changes, we recruit outstanding personnel who are able to identify market trends and develop advanced technologies. Moreover, we seek to hire individuals with exceptional professional skills, and support them so that they can succeed in meeting their self-development goals.


Hyundai is also building a cooperative relationship between labor and management to ensure employee rights are fully protected. To this end, we continue to expand the channels of communication between labor and management, and strive to find reasonable, constructive solutions. In addition, we are continually setting health and safety-related goals and making improvements in this area with the goal of building a safe and healthy work environment.

Hiring Outstanding Global Talents

With the breakdown of boundaries between the automotive and the electronics industries, Hyundai is becoming a mobility company. We are therefore focusing on hiring people who can contribute towards ecofriendly, autonomous, and connected cars. In the first half of 2018, we began to recruit new employees in software, and there was also year-round recruitment on five occasions in R&D, plant, new business strategy, and others. We will continue to hire a wide range of talent, both new recruits and experienced professionals, to ensure growth in the future strategic areas and to make certain that we have the best people at every level of the company.


Nurturing Talents

Based on the belief that employees’ growth leads to the company’s growth, Hyundai is enhancing our future competitiveness and sustainable growth by instituting personnel policies that are driven by the requirements of our work sites, and by building a learning culture.

We have established long-term strategies for nurturing talents in leadership, job expertise, and learning culture, and we are changing training programs to focus on self-led customized learning that enables individuals to choose their own path in becoming leaders and experts. In addition to strengthening leadership for sustainable growth and building the learning infrastructure, our self-led learning systems will enable staff to learn whenever, wherever, and ways selected by them.

Organizational Culture

Hyundai is building a creative and agile organizational culture through its organizational culture innovation platform ‒ Culture Change Program (CCP). In particular, we are focusing on the goals of establishing a horizontal communication culture, building vertical trust in organization, and promoting creativity by building an active and autonomous work atmosphere. In addition, we are operating a wide range of programs to ensure the right work-life balance for our staff.

Employee Safety and Health

Hyundai abides by all labor laws and regulations of all countries where our business sites are located, so that our employees can be assured of their fundamental rights, such as the right to organize and collective bargaining. In addition, we regularly communicate with our employees at home and abroad, and spare no effort to identify their grievances and demands and take actions on them preemptively.


To protect the safety and health of our employees, we announced our fatal accident zero safety and health management policy, and strive to make improvements every year. In 2018, we achieved “ZERO” fatal accidents for two consecutive years, and our efforts to prevent safety accidents came to fruition.

Integrated organizational culture survey

Integrated organizational culture survey

Hyundai carries out an annual worldwide assessment of our organizational culture in order to determine the level of our organizational culture from an integrated perspective and to identify measures for improvement. We assess areas of our corporate culture such as business, people, and work, as well as organizational effectiveness, leadership, HR system, and the IT infrastructure. The 2018 assessment showed year-on-year improvements, demonstrating the results of our commitment to improving our organizational culture.
Employee Town Hall Meeting

Employee Town Hall Meeting

Hyundai is striving to expand the scope of our thinking through an agile corporate culture. We therefore set up a Town Hall Meeting in 2019 as a communication channel between employees and the company. Any employee can take part in the Town Hall Meeting, either by visiting the first floor of the headquarters building, or through online chatting. They can voice their opinions freely, and ask any questions about major company policies and other issues. We will continue to host these Town Hall Meetings to promote horizontal communications with our people and to collect new ideas and opinions on policy issues.
Jeonju Plant ‒ a winner of the 2018 Nationwide Circle Contest

Jeonju Plant ‒ a winner of the 2018 Nationwide Circle Contest

Hyundai’s Jeonju Plant presented ideas under the theme of risk reduction by improving risk factors in axle process at the 2018 Nationwide Circle Contest organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and received the bronze award in the environment and safety category.

HMB wins the ‘2018 Brazil Health and Safety Award’

Hyundai Motor Brazil (HMB) received the 2018 Brazil Health and Safety Award, organized by Revista Proteção ‒ a prestigious magazine in the area of industrial health and safety.
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