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[Update] Hyundai Motor’s Response to COVID-19

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CSR [Update] Hyundai Motor’s Response to COVID-19

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[Update] Hyundai Motor’s Response to COVID-19

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[Update] Hyundai Motor’s Response to COVID-19

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In the face of extraordinary challenges posed by an unprecedented public health crisis, Hyundai Motor is joining the global effort to combat COVID-19.

Our hearts go out to each and every person whose life has been impacted by the pandemic, and we express our sincerest gratitude to those working on the front lines of the international efforts to combat the disease.

Recognizing the sacrifices of healthcare professionals and volunteers, we are providing fleets of vehicles to frontline personnel to better enable their mobility when they need it the most.

We are working closely with governments to support communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic in the form of donations, medical equipment, and personal protection items.

Understanding the financial burdens and mobility limitations our customers are facing, we are offering programs to take care of our customers during this difficult time.

Last but not least, we are doing our utmost to create a safe working environment for our employees by abiding government guidelines and placing their health and safety as our top priority.

The world may have stopped moving, but the need for seamless mobility is more dire than ever.

Hyundai Motor remains committed to serving the mobility needs of people, and will work closely with our partners and governments to ensure safe and stable movement of people and goods.

We remain hopeful and confident that together we can overcome this crisis, and will continue to play our part in the global solidarity to fight COVID-19.

Our Efforts around the World


• ‘Hyundai C A R E’ warranty extension program

• #Thisisus digital film (Link)

• Digital showroom and online booking*

• Free vehicle disinfection service*
• Building disinfection and provision of personal sanitation items*
• Employee blood drive and fund-raising*

*Implemented in select countries, where available

Africa & Middle East

• Donation of ambulance vehicles, medical equipment and personal protection items for frontline medical workers and the public in countries across the Middle East and Africa


• Donation of cars and medical supplies and production of acrylic face masks with 3D printers to support City of Piracicaba in Brazil
• Free transportation provided for healthcare professionals and the elderly through the Hyundai Solidarity Transport program in Brazil
• Repair of mechanical ventilators for hospitals as part of the national action organized by SENAI in Brazil
• Donation to Boys and Girls Clubs of Emergency Relief Fund for youth affected by COVID-19 in Canada
• Personal protection equipment provided to healthcare workers in Canada
• Support for drive-thru testing and donation of test kits to hospitals in Detroit, Montgomery, and other hard-hit cities throughout U.S.
• Hyundai Assurance Job Loss Protection program re-launched in U.S.
• Clean Assurance guidelines provided to dealers in U.S.


• Fleet of vehicles and personal protection equipment provided for frontline workers in China
• Donation of masks, emergency supplies, and cash to local governments and medical facilities in China
• Production and supply of ventilators through partnership with Air Liquide Medical Systems in India
• Donation of test kits imported from Korea and contribution to Public Relief Fund in India
• Food assistance provided in regions throughout India
• IONIQ Electric fleet provided to hospitals with Grab Special Fleet to transport health workers in Indonesia
• Help local governments’ installment of drive-thru testing, and donation of 50,000 personal protective equipment sets for health workers in Indonesia
• Training centers provided as treatment facilities in Korea
• Free maintenance of ambulance vehicles and support for frontline healthcare workers in Korea
• Drive-in concert held to offer a safe connected experience with cars in Korea


• Donation of respirators and funds for local governments and communities in Czech Republic
•Donation of funds from the #PartagerHyundai activation to hospital services in France
•Online showroom launched to allow customers to receive expert advice digitally in Germany
•Fleet of vehicles provided to Red Cross health workers and volunteers in Italy
•Series of promotions and initiatives offered through #TorneremoAViaggiare campaign to address critical issues amid the coronavirus emergency in Italy
•Fleet of vehicles donated to support hospital workers as part of the #wspieramysamochodami campaign in Poland
•Fleet of vehicles provided to healthcare professionals, and personal protection equipment donated to social workers and volunteers in Russia
•Promotional codes for taxi rides donated to Russian Medical Society, and online game launched to allow customers to join the support program in Russia
•Support for live online concert of the group Malback and singer Susanna to enable a safe connected experience for 3 million viewers in Russia
•Hyundai Home online service launched for safety and comfort of customers in Slovakia
•Fleet of vehicles provided to local health centers and hospitals as part of the #YoCedoMiCoche initiative in Spain
•Fleet of vehicles provided to National Health Service to support key workers and self-isolating customers in U.K.
•‘Click to Buy’ digital car-buying service opened for customers in U.K.

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