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Lifestyle Driving beyond limits: the Hyundai Driving Experience

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Driving beyond limits: the Hyundai Driving Experience

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Driving beyond limits: the Hyundai Driving Experience

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  • The Hyundai Driving Experience offers car enthusiasts the chance to improve their driving skills with models from the brand’s N range and electric range
  • Three programme levels are designed to set participants’ pulses racing – including training sessions conducted by professional instructors
  • Events will take place in Germany at Bilster Berg and the Nürburgring
  • Hyundai has taken specific precautions relating to hygiene and social distancing in order to ensure the safety of all participants
Driving beyond limits: the Hyundai Driving Experience

SEOUL, June 26, 2020 – The Hyundai Driving Experience is an intense and enjoyable driving programme that gives car enthusiasts the opportunity to improve their skills on a race track. Participants can experience first-hand the thrills of high-performance driving at famous motorsport tracks in Germany using models from the Hyundai’s N line-up to really set their pulses racing. In addition, a new one-day E-Experience is offered to showcase the road capabilities of Hyundai’s most popular electrified models: Kona Electric and IONIQ.

Already a success story, the Hyundai Driving Experience is ready to take off once again. With this new programme, Hyundai intends to strengthen the loyalty of customers and provide dealers with a driving program to conquer new ones. Also Hyundai expands its direct involvement and dialogue with Hyundai Drivers.

Kicking off in July at Bilster Berg near Bad Driburg, Germany, this new event will become a regular series: both at Bilster Berg and at the Nürburgring Grand Prix track in Nürburg, Germany.

“The race track is not only the ideal place to realise the dynamic potential of our cars,” says Till Wartenberg, Vice President N Brand Management and Motorsport at Hyundai. “It is also the best place to train the precision that is needed to master any driving situation in everyday life.”

All levels of drivers welcome

The Hyundai Driving Experience is aimed at hobby drivers and motorsport enthusiasts with all levels of experience. Under realistic conditions, participants learn to control their vehicles better, even in challenging circumstances.

“N-Experience” events are aimed at beginners. As well as having a chance to drive Hyundai N models for the first time, participants can also learn valuable driving tips to guarantee even more excitement at the driving training facility.

For more experienced drivers, the “Level 1” programme consists of a series of race track events, including full braking at 100 km/h while cornering, undertaking a 180-degree “agent turn”, or driving on the racing line. Meanwhile, those with more experience driving under race-like conditions should opt for “Level 2” events, which take place over two-and-a-half days. This programme consists of challenging sessions designed to perfect drivers’ skills.

New this year is the E-Experience, a dedicated training course that focuses on the Hyundia Kona EV and Hyundai IONIQ. Here, participants can learn exclusive insights into the technology behind the two electrified models as well as prove their dynamic and road capabilities.

Yet another new feature is the Hyundai TCR race taxi, where participants can experience the Bilster Berg and Nürburgring Grand Prix at racing speed. Here, attendees ride in the passenger seat while a professional driver takes the wheel. Just five people per day can participate in this exclusive offering. This offering is only available for participants of the N-Experience and Track Experience Level 1 or Level 2.

More excitement and safety on the road

The Hyundai Driving Experience is not only aimed at existing Hyundai drivers and members of the brand’s N community, but is also open to anyone who is interested – regardless of the car they drive.

The events are not only about experiencing the performance of the N and electrified models first-hand. Hyundai also wants to bring more safety and fun into everyday driving on the roads, and has developed training modules with professional guidance to provide just that. With the E-Experience, Hyundai aims to showcase the potential of electro-mobility in an exciting way. Here, Hyundai is demonstrating their commitment to alternative powertrains – both on the road and at the driving training facility.  

The training sessions are conducted by professional instructors who have just one goal: to improve the driving proficiency of each participant in order to deliver an intensive-yet-safe driving experience.

Affordable driving experience for everyone

While these events will certainly make a lot of hearts beat faster, they also come with driver-friendly prices. The one-day course “N-Experience” starts at just 99 EUR. The one-and-a-half day “Level 1” programme is offered for 529 EUR, which includes an overnight hotel stay. The professional “Level 2” training includes two nights and breakfast at a 4-star hotel near the race track at a maximum cost of 899 EUR.

“With the Hyundai Driving Experience, we have taken the next step to emotionalise our brand for our customers,” says Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President, Head of Product Division at Hyundai Motor Group. “Our driving experience will intensify the discussion with our customers and prospects about present and the future products and technologies. At the end it is all about the close relationship with our Hyundai drivers and offering the best experience possible.

Participant health and safety takes priority

Like most events, the German kick-off of the Hyundai Driving Experience is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to secure the safety of all participants and employees, Hyundai has taken specific precautions. These include strict hygiene measures, both in the vehicles and at the hotel and hospitality facilities, as well as social distancing guidelines to be followed by all participants.
Hyundai is committed to doing everything that is necessary in order to hold an event that guarantees fun as well as maximum safety for everyone involved. 


Duration: 1 day
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 99.00 EUR
Contents: car introduction, handling with braking practices, slalom with timekeeping, agent turn, driving in public traffic 

Level 1

Duration: 1.5 days
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 529.00 EUR
Contents: Theoretical introduction to driving dynamics, handling with braking practices, braking in curves, slalom with timekeeping, lane change/braking and swerving, agent turn/understeering, pace car laps

Level 2
Duration: 2.5 days
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 899.00 EUR
Contents: Theoretical introduction to driving dynamics, handling with braking practices, double lane change, slalom with timekeeping, section training, driving through curves with different variations, agent turn, pace car laps, leading laps 

Hyundai TCR Race Taxi
Duration: 2 Laps (ride along)
Vehicles: Hyundai TCR Race Taxi
Price: 199.00 EUR
Pre-requisite: a booking for N-Experience, Track Experience Level 1 or Track Experience Level 2

E-Experience Training
Duration: 1 day
Vehicles: KONA Electric, IONIQ Plug-in-Hybrid
Price: 99.00 EUR
Contents: car introduction, vehicle workshop, slalom with timekeeping, braking, swerving, driving in public traffic 

The Hyundai Driving Experience will take place on these tracks:
Nürburgring Grand Prix-Strecke

Length: 5,148 km
Curves: 17
Areas used for the Hyundai Driving Experience: Grand Prix Track and Müllenbachschleife

Bilster Berg
Length: 4,190 km
Curves: 19
Areas used for the Hyundai Driving Experience: race track, offroad track and dynamic area
For more information about the Hyundai Driving Experience and to register, please visit:

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