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Corporate Information Hyundai Motor Group Announces Key Executive Appointments

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Hyundai Motor Group Announces Key Executive Appointments

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Corporate Information 202112170100
Hyundai Motor Group Announces Key Executive Appointments

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  • Appointments support Hyundai Motor Group’s response to a fast-changing business environment and its commitment to create a sustainable business structure
  • The appointments focus on next-generation leaders who will support the Group’s efforts to transform its future business portfolio
  • Group appointments include next-generation leaders in the field of future technology and new businesses such as infotainment, EV, ICT, and autonomous driving
  • The Group is promoting global business leaders who have delivered during the adverse business environment
Hyundai Motor Group Announces Key Executive Appointments
  • SEOUL, December 17, 2021 – Hyundai Motor Group (The Group) is announcing executive appointments in response to the rapid changes in the business environment and to reinforce Group’s sustainable business structure. 

The appointments provide the basis for swift business portfolio restructuring and further enhance the competitiveness of the Group. A total of 203 executives are included in the announcement, which is the largest number to date. Many of the new appointments represent the next generation of leaders and have been recognized for their achievements and role in the ongoing success of the Group. Demonstrating the Group’s focus on new product development, 37 percent of overall appointments are executives in the R&D Division.

The Group is appointing executives from the field of future technology and new businesses such as infotainment, ICT, and autonomous driving. The new appointees will contribute to the Group’s strategy to transform its future business portfolio.

In line with the approach, the Group is appointing the following new Executive Vice Presidents:

  • · Kyo-woong Choo, Executive Vice President, Head of Infotainment Development Center, Head of Electronics Development Center

- Executive Vice President Choo has been spearheading electronic and infotainment system development and will continue developing technologies such as next -generation Infotainment platform for connected vehicles and integrated controller.

  • · Heung Soo Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Future Growth Planning Division & EV Division

- Executive Vice President Kim has been optimizing the Group’s vehicle line-ups and regional product strategies. Going forward, he will focus on the Group’s drive to secure future technologies and internal capabilities to successfully initiate new business.

  • · SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President, Head of Hyundai Global Design Center

- Executive Vice President Lee contributed to strengthening the Hyundai and the Genesis brands’ design capabilities. He has also contributed to Genesis brand’s success in building a firm presence in the luxury auto market through the design of the GV80 and GV70.

  • · Tae Won Lim, Ph.D. and Head of Institute of Fundamental & Advanced Technology, Head of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Business Center

- Executive Vice President Lim is an expert in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology and materials and has overseen the development of Group’s advanced technologies. Through the new title of Head of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Business Center, he will also oversee hydrogen fuel cell technology development.

  • · Eunsook Jin, Executive Vice President and Head of ICT Innovation Division

- The Group has hired Jin as the Executive Vice President and Head of the ICT Innovation Division. She previously worked for Korean tech company NHN Corporation as the Chief Technology Officer and is known for her expertise in the field of data, cloud computing, IT service platform development. She will lead the Group’s innovation in the field of internet technologies and software infrastructure. She will also instill a developer-oriented organizational culture in the Group.

The new Senior Vice Presidents are:

  • · Woongjun Jang, Senior Vice President and Head of the Autonomous Driving Center 

- Senior Vice President Jang is the industry leader in the field of autonomous driving and ADAS technologies. He will further advance the Group’s autonomous driving initiatives based on his business insight and deep understanding of relevant technologies.

  • · Jeong Hee Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of AIRS Company

- Senior Vice President Kim joined Hyundai Motor Group in 2018. Since then, he has developed solutions that incorporate AI technologies. Through establishing the Singapore AIR Center, he will continue to expand application of in-house AI technologies in the Group’s products and services.

The Group is promoting leaders who’ve led the business to success despite the global business challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and hired an executive to further manage and elevate Genesis’ brand image. 

In line with this approach, the Group appointed the following new Executive Vice Presidents:

  • · Seon Seob Kim, Executive Vice President / Head of Global Operations Division

- Executive Vice President Kim has accomplished strong business results in India through flexible production amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Head of Global Operations Division, he will now further strengthen the Group’s regional headquarters system and boost synergy between the regions.

  • · Ickkyun Oh, Executive Vice President / Head of Russia & CIS Headquarters, Hyundai Motor Company

- Executive Vice President Oh, from his long experience in global sales, has increased market share in Russia and profitability in the region. He will continue his effort s to strengthen mid-to-long term business competitiveness through successfully launching a new mobility service.

  • · Graeme Russell, Vice President and Chief Brand Officer

- The Group has hired Graeme Russell as the Vice President and Genesis brand’s Chief Brand Officer.  He has experience in luxury brand marketing, working for brands such as Bentley and Macallan. The Group expects the new appointment to strengthen the Genesis brand’s customer experience.

In addition, Peter Schreyer and Albert Biermann will serve as advisors in their respective fields. President Schreyer will work as a design advisor and help the Group to nurture talented designers while also serving as a brand ambassador of the Group.

Albert Biermann will work as a technical advisor and will help the Group’s efforts to develop new engineering talent. The Group has appointed President Chung Kook Park as the new head of the R&D Division. He will continue to enhance the product performance through a holistic R&D development approach as well as further accelerating the development of future technologies such as electrification and hydrogen fuel cell technology.  

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