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Corporate Information Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Builds its 5 Millionth Vehicle

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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Builds its 5 Millionth Vehicle

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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Builds its 5 Millionth Vehicle

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MONTGOMERY, Ala., Aug. 12, 2021 – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) leadership, team members, and special guests today celebrated the 5 millionth vehicle built at Hyundai’s U.S. assembly plant. HMMA reached the 5 million mark in less than 17 years, starting production in May 2005. 

The 5 millionth vehicle was a Hyundai Santa Cruz Sport Adventure Vehicle that was built on July 27, 2021. To reach this achievement, HMMA has produced 2,562,880 SONATAs, 1,489,568 ELANTRAs, 908,779 SANTA FEs, 36,989 TUCSONs, and 1,784 Santa Cruzes.

“The 5 Millionth represents a tremendous achievement for the Hyundai Motor Company North America. We could not have achieved this success without the strong leadership and commitment of our team members in Alabama. Hyundai will continue to invest and grow throughout the region,” said Jose Munoz, Global COO of Hyundai Motor Company and President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America.

“Reaching today’s milestone in HMMA’s storied history in Alabama would not have been possible without the energy and enthusiasm of our valued team members, the dependability of our supplier network and unwavering support of state and local governments,” said HMMA President and CEO Ernie Kim. 

HMMA recently completed a plant expansion to support the addition of its fourth and fifth models, the TUCSON and Santa Cruz, that joined SONATA, ELANTRA and SANTA FE. The addition of these models further enhances HMMA’s ability to adjust its vehicle production with market demand. 

Quotes from Alabama Officials

“Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama is an integral member of not only the River Region, but the entire state of Alabama. I’m thrilled to celebrate the 5 millionth vehicle rolling off the line in our great state. Alabama has become a major player in the automotive industry and today’s milestone proves we will maintain our status as an industry leader. Congratulations to the HMMA family on an incredible achievement!” said Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

“Congratulations to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama on the tremendous accomplishment of producing 5 million vehicles here in Montgomery. We pledge to help HMMA and the supplier network achieve continued success. It is an honor to have forged a lasting partnership with Hyundai and we are grateful for their sincere commitment to our community,” said Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed.

“It has been over 15 years since Hyundai realized our shared dream of opening its first North American manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama. Tremendous success has followed, and we want to take a moment to celebrate the amazing achievement of producing 5 million vehicles in Montgomery, and the incredible team members that have made it possible. We are honored to be Hyundai’s home and part of the Hyundai family,” said Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton N. Dean. 

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