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Corporate information Hyundai Motor Reports 2021 Global Sales and 2022 Goals

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Hyundai Motor Reports 2021 Global Sales and 2022 Goals

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Corporate information 202201030000
Hyundai Motor Reports 2021 Global Sales and 2022 Goals

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  • Hyundai Motor’s 2021 global sales total 3.89 million units, up 3.9% Y/y
  • December sales recorded 334,242 units, 10.9% decline Y/y
  • Company targets over 4.3 million global vehicle sales in 2022

SEOUL, January 3, 2022  Hyundai Motor Company today announced its 2021 global sales performance, recording a 3.9 percent increase from a year earlier despite the ongoing pandemic and supply chain issues.


Sales outside of Korea rose 7 percent to 3,164,143 units thanks to the company’s proactive and market-specific strategies as well as the popularity of its SUV models and growing eco-friendly vehicle lineup.


Sales in Korea declined 7.7 percent to 726,838 units amid the semiconductor shortage that has affected the global automotive industry.


For December, monthly global sales totaled 334,242 units, including 268,130 for overseas markets and 66,112 for the Korean market.


In 2021, Hyundai was able to jump-start its transition into electrification thanks to the successful launch of IONIQ 5, the first dedicated battery electric vehicle. The company’s positive sales results stemmed from strategic supply chain management despite the challenging business environment caused by the ongoing pandemic, semiconductor supply issue and fluctuation of raw material prices.


With auto demand expected to recover worldwide in 2022 amid growing competition in the industry, Hyundai aims to sell 4.32 million units around the globe with optimized business strategies tailored for each region. The company aims to sell 3.59 million units in overseas markets and 732,000 units in Korea.


The company will continue implementing diverse measures to take care of its customers and to offer the world’s best products to meet their needs. Furthermore, the company plans to solidify its global leadership in the eco-friendly mobility market through the launch of upcoming IONIQ dedicated EV models and electrified GV70 of Genesis luxury brand.


■ 2021 Sales Results (Units)

Y/y Change
M/M Change2021 YTD2020 YTDYTD Change
Korea Sales66,11268,486-3.5%62,0716.5%726,838787,854-7.7%
Overseas Sales268,130306,707-12.6%255,1005.1%3,164,1432,956,8837.0%
Global Sales334,242375,193-10.9%317,1715.4%3,890,9813,744,7373.9%

■ 2022 Sales Plan (Units)

Subject2022 Target2021 ResultY/y
Korea Sales732,000726,8380.7%
Overseas Sales3,591,0003,164,14313.5%
Global Sales4,323,0003,890,98111.1%

* Monthly sales figures provided in this press release are unaudited and on a preliminary basis.

1. Sales in Korea is based on retail sales while overseas sales (global sales excluding Korea) is based on wholesales.

2. Sales results include entire sedan, SUV and CV models produced by Hyundai Motor.

3. This press release contains forward-looking statements that are based on current expectations about possible future events. Our actual results may differ due to a variety of factors

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