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The new KONA key visual


Live a vibrant life.

There’s a vibrant feeling about the new Kona. It’s a youthful, playful design that stirs the senses and invites closer examination of its capabilities. Step inside, press the start button and Kona stirs to life to deliver exceptional dynamic performance. From front to back, Kona has been extensively enhanced to meet the needs of customers who lead active lifestyles.
The little giant.

Your style, your way.

The new Kona has a confident, modern style that has a way of always fitting in anywhere your travels may take you. Whether you’re on a downtown dinner date or driving down a country road, Kona makes you feel perfectly at home.
Your style, your way.

Designed to be different.

Kona’s powerful lines grab your attention from any angle. The design is strong and stable is reinforced at every turn including the armor-like cladding over the wheel arches. Extending into the rocker panels and both bumpers, this lower body cladding provides practical protection against stones and other road debris.
Designed to be different.

Style it to define your drive.

One look and you can tell that the new Kona is slightly ahead of its time. Futuristic? Definitely but there’s nothing too radical about it: It’s design innovation done just right. The geometry is sophisticated with plenty of interesting high-tech details like the LED lighting technology and the catchy-looking alloy wheels to delight and fascinate the eye.
Newly sculpted front end projects a sporty, muscular look

Newly sculpted front end projects a sporty, muscular look

KONA Rear right side view


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