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H2U x JP Kraemer

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The auto-performance influencer tests the adrenaline factor of hydrogen mobility.

The world is full of "petrol heads" and around two million of them subscribe to the JP Performance YouTube channel. Massively popular host and car-performance expert, JP Kraemer, brings his signature adrenaline power to H2U, experiencing the brilliance of eco-mobility on his NEXO drive where he ramps up the g-force of hydrogen fuel-cell power.

In his H2U broadcast, "Challenger - Mind-Shifting," JP embarks on a German NEXO journey from his Dortmund home to Berlin. The excursion is not only a test drive but also a fast-track look at hydrogen fuel-cell mobility.

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Can cars like the NEXO convince petrolheads?

As he drives through Germany, JP answers a series of questions, bringing his audience in on the action. He explains how the NEXO feels to drive, what the performance is like, how to fuel it and how far a tank of hydrogen fuel can take you. The question on the minds of his millions of viewers is: "Can zero-emission FC mobility change the mind of a true petrol head?"

To help him find the answers, JP speaks to Albert Biermann, President and Head of R&D Division at Hyundai Motor/Kia Motors. As Hyundai’s former Head of Vehicle Test and High-Performance Development, Mr. Biermann has had his own mind-shift to the importance of zero-emission mobility, so he’s the perfect counterpart to JP as he fires up the decarbonized FC engine of possibility.

Toni in NEXO

Auto performance is changing but we still need the thrill factor. It’s time to take a closer look at the power and potential of hydrogen fuel-cell engines.JP KRAEMER

Driving NEXO

Setting JPs pulse racing

By driving Hyundai’s the Hyundai NEXO and exploring topics like such as performance, range anxiety, fueling-time, and positive change without sacrifice - JP checks his pulse rate and gives his personal take on the hydrogen fuel-cell mind shift.

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Toni in NEXO


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