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Lay back in AZERA, it becomes your city oasis just relax in style.


Relax, we’ve got your back.

Rear Reclining Seat & Rear Ventilation Seat

Relax in style. First-in-its-class features for the rear seat.
Each feature can be activated swiftly with one-touch switches, including power rear reclining
and ventilation seats that allow for a cool and relaxing experience on long drives. 

Create your oasis.

Power Rear Side Window Sunshade

Elevate your comfort like never before – with electric door curtains that block unwanted glare from shining through the windows.

Power Rear Sunshade

Easily block the sunlight behind you with a touch of a button.

Power rear sunshade

Enjoy your new nook.

Front Center Console &
Column-Type Shift by Wire (SBW)

You can now enjoy a much neater and spacious front center console, thanks to the repositioned column-style electronic shift lever (SBW)!

It can now take advantage of a clean and spacious console while gaining easier access and control of your gears.

Front Center Console

With the newly relocated SBW, you can now take advantage of a clean console spacious enough to store more of your belongings.

Smartphones and gloves to masks ­ providing a more hygienic car environment.

Front Console UVC Sterilization Lighting

UVC ultraviolet sterilization lighting installed in the front console sterilizes your belongings from smartphones and gloves to masks - providing a more hygienic car environment.

The electronic shift lever makes gear control easier while freeing up space for storage and control.

Column-Type Shift by Wire (SBW)

Repositioned to be near the steering wheel, the new column-style electronic shift lever allows easier access and control.

Stay charged on-the-go.

Smartphone Wireless Charging

Improve accessibility and visibility while you charge your devices
thanks to a widened flat-type smartphone wireless charging function that boosts convenience and space.

widened flat-type smartphone wireless charging function.

Broaden your vision.

Integrated Display & Head-up Display
& Full-touch Air Conditioning Controller

Expand your senses to stay more aware, informed, and in control of your driving experience.

A glimpse tells everything.

Innovation at your fingertip.


OTA Software Update

Whenever a new version is available, the software will be wirelessly updated upon starting or turning off the vehicle with the user's approval.
*The updates may cause changes in the screen images of the infotainment system.


Digital Key 2

You can unlock, start, and remotely control the vehicle without a car key using the NFC, BLE, and UWB technologies of your smartphone in your pocket or the smartwatch on your wrist.
* Function availability may vary depending on the smartphone model.


Fingerprint Recognition

Conveniently start your engine, use express check out, or unlock valet mode with fingerprint activation.


Hidden delights.


The steering wheel's four pixel lights illuminate.

Interactive Pixel Lights

The steering wheel's four pixel lights illuminate with unique colors and motions to show the driving status as well as indicate activation of voice recognition mode - providing a uniquely interactive experience.

Smart Power Trunk

Smart Power Trunk

Load your things with ease. Standing behind the trunk with the smart key for 3 seconds will activate the smart sensor, automatically opening the trunk for you.

BOSE Premium sound System

BOSE Premium Sound System

Equipped with 14 speakers and an external amplifier, the BOSE premium sound system achieves rich, immersive sound through low sound quality compensation and surround effects ensuring a high-end driving experience.

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