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With exceptional performance you can lead smoothly.


Embark on an inspiring journey with the all-new
AZERA Hybrid.

Exceptional performance lead smoothly.

Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi HEV

Max Power




Max Torque




Dynamic driving meets
careful comfort.

e-Motion Drive

Electric motors provide excellent driving comfort thanks to improved
performance technology. Vehicle vibration is controlled to ensure smooth
acceleration, while handle performance has been improved to ensure stable
cornering and turning.

e-Comfort Drive

Speed bump

When passing speed bumps, the hybrid technology manages the motor to reduce vehicle trembling and provide a smooth ride on an uneven road.

Slow acceleration

When accelerating, the hybrid system controls the vehicle's motion so that the driver experiences less shaking and more linear acceleration.

e-Dynamic Drive

Sharp turn & Improved handling

When the vehicle approaches a turn, the hybrid system regulates the vehicle's movement to execute torque vectoring, while simultaneously maintaining the ideal wheel grip for dynamic handling performance.

Overtaking acceleration

When overtaking acceleration, the hybrid system simultaneously starts the engine and swaps gears, displaying up to 20 percent* quicker acceleration responsiveness and enhanced start-up performance via hybrid ON/OFF function control.
* Compared to 6 gen. Azera Hybrid

All about Hybrid.

Hybrid Infotainment

The Infotainment system displays information about hybrid driving, such as electric motor usage and fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Infotainment

*Infotainment system screen images may change according to updates.

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