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The sedan is new again. And it’s Hybrid

Efficiency gets bold.

Its coupe-like design and sensuous lines signal a sharp pivot away from the boring
and expected. SONATA Hybrid has a solar roof that can help recharge its batteries,
and hidden LED lighting within the chrome trim.

The hybrid as we know it will never be the same.
Efficiency gets bold.

Quiet, smooth and precise.

Small design details make the difference between good aerodynamics and
the superb aerodynamics of the new SONATA Hybrid.
Each fractional improvement adds up to make a big difference in the aerodynamic value,
so that the new SONATA Hybrid rides quieter, smoother and more efficiently than ever before.
Quiet, smooth and precise
SONATA front view

Cross-hole grille with active air flaps

The cross hole-style grille pulses with rhythmical energy and is a distinctive design feature of the SONATA Hybrid. Behind the grille, active air flaps automatically open and close to balance the needs for improved aerodynamic efficiency and engine cooling.
LED rear combination lamps & integrated rear spoiler

LED rear combination lamps & integrated rear spoiler

The rear LED array creates a highly unique light signature and ensures maximum visibility by extending across the entire width of the trunk. The trailing edge of the trunk lid achieves optimal aerodynamics by incorporating a spoiler and a parallel series of raised ridges.

Aerodynamically enhanced 17″ alloy wheels

Aerodynamically enhanced
17″ alloy wheels

Hybrid wheel designs look futuristic but also minimize wind drag and improve fuel efficiency with the help of aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. 16 inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle Touring are standard while 17 inch with Pirelli P-Zero all-season are optional.


Smartstream 2.0 Gasoline Hybrid

A maximum power of 152 ps at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 19.2 kg∙m at 5,000 rpm.

152 ps
Max. Torque
19.2 kg·m

A maximum power of 152ps at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 19.2 kg∙m at 5,000 rpm.

Radically better.

Radical starts with bold futuristic styling and the fine tuning of every component to maximize fuel efficiency.
Get ready to experience the radically new SONATA Hybrid.
Radically better.

Solar roof panel

When there is free energy from the sun, SONATA Hybrid takes it.
Converting sunlight into electricity, our available solar roof panel recharges the batteries
generating enough electric power to increase driving range by more than 3 Km a day.
That is about 1,000 additional Km per year.
Solar roof panel
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